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Top Best Kodi Addons 2021

Kodi addons are the fuel engine for Kodi functionality. They provide meaning for Kodi to the user to enjoy the quality and latest online streaming content. Kodi is the best open source media player available for Firestick, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, and other devices.  However, the software requires addons to provide more channels and resources. Kodi alone has stored content and requires more third-party apps for quality services. 

The internet offers a plethora of Kodi addons, but many don’t make it. Since they are shut down and disappear in the face of the internet. However, there are some best Kodi addons available on the internet. You can watch movies, TV shows, cartoons, live TV, Live sports, news, music, and more. Kodi is an authorized software and compatible with different devices. Users are allowed to install the app on their devices for a better experience. 

The app has different versions based on user preference. Nonetheless, Kodi can lead the user to legal trouble. Some of the third-party addons have malware and also don’t adhere to piracy regulations. This leads to the illegal use of Kodi devices. The user should try and remain on safe grounds and not interfere with copyrighted content.  Ensure you explore different Kodi addons before installing them on your Firestick and any other device. 

Addons are unique, and each Kodi addon provides different content. There are some Kodi addons designed for movies, sports, TV shows, and others.  User can implement Kodi builds as they have a library of different channels and give nice skins and colorful interface for your Kodi. 

Best Kodi addons 

Before installing any Kodi addon, it should use quality VPN software. The addons might provide harmful malware that exposes your details. This opens chances for ISP, hackers, and the government to track your activities.  Investing in a good VPN will hide your identity from government surveillance and throttling. The internet has thousands of best VPN for Kodi. Which you can install and watch without any fear. 

1. Exodus Redux

The Exodus Redux version is an improvement of the former Exodus addon. The addon comes with quality features, which are better than the former version. It has a user-friendly interface, easy to maneuver. Exodus Redux is the home of the latest and old movies and TV shows.  The addon uses open scrappers for better and quick link connections.  For buffering free experience, the user should implement Real-Debrid. 

The Exodus Redux allows for the integration of Trakt. A feature which helps in keeping your watch history and playing movies where you last left. It’s the best Kodi addon for movies and TV shows.  The addon has all features categorized for easy search.  The user can also search for any content if it’s not listed on the menu. 

2. Covenant 

Covenant is among the best Kodi addons on the internet. The addon has a friendly navigable interface for the user.  You can access different free movies and TV shows. The content is categorized based on user requirements. One can watch the latest, old, yearly based, airing today movies or the best and famous movies and TV shows played by other users. 

It’s advisable to use a VPN on the addon and avoid copyrighted content. Covenant Kodi addon has a unique feature for filtering copyrighted and pirated content. This leaves the user with safe free movies and TV shows. The Covenant addon supports Real Debrid and premiumrize. This helps if the user is getting slow links. It will remove all buffering issues and provide premium quick links. The addon allows for Trakt, a feature that keeps your watching records. 

3. Yoda 

The Yoda addon is unique compared to other addons on the list. Yoda Kodi addon provides the video-on-demand feature, which is rare on other addons. The user requires to request the developer, and they deliver the request. The Yoda addon is simple to use and requires less knowledge to maneuver around the features. 

The addon allows playing films and TV shows with subtitles. This helps users who don’t understand English or other languages on the movie or show. You can find Yoda on different repositories such as LazyKodi, Kodi Bae, and more. 

4. The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is the excellent comeback of the addon “The pyramid” addon. This was a favorite addon but closed down due to copyright restrictions. However, “The Magic Dragon” has better and more quality features than the first version. The addon has more varieties such as documentaries, movies, sports, TV shows, Radio, and music. 

The Magic Dragon provides a different option for the user to watch movies using Real-Debrid.  The addon interface is simple and easy to use. There is a Real-Debrid verification link on the homescreen of The Magic Dragon addon.  Users can search for any information on the search bar section if it’s not listed on the menu. 

5. Maverick TV

Maverick TV is an entirely new experience when it comes to entertainment. The addon provided different content from documentaries, movies, sports, WWE, on-air shows, Radio, kids’ channels, and more.  The addon is still new in the market but has impressive features. The Maverick TV works well with Kodi 18.9 Leia and Matrix version. 

The addon offers movies in 4K resolution making the experience incredible.  The addon requires integration with Real-Debrid since it’s not free for users. It has an easy user interface that is simple to use. 

The above are free recommended best Kodi addons. They provide a better movie and TV show experience. What makes them stand out is the simple and easy navigation interface and the incredible features they offer.