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5 Best Body Piercing Jewelry

The silver jewelry industry is a lucrative industry with a lot of potential. With the rise in popularity of silver and gold, many more people are looking for best Silver Jewelry Manufacturer. The term sterling silver wholesale jewelry is used to describe jewelry that is made with silver that has been mixed with copper. It is a high-quality metal and it typically has a high luster.

Your ultimate goal when finding jewelry for body piercing should be to get the safest materials ever. Remember, not all materials are ideal for body piercing. Some materials will put you at a higher risk of developing infections, causing skin reactions, or prolonging the recovery process and period. Any material with the ability to absorb any body fluid is generally categorized in the class of poor body piercing jewelry. You can see the best body piercing jewelry. If you’ve got a sensitive body, you might see some unusual reactions after piercing some body parts. In this case, you need to avoid such piercing jewelry completely as well as wear jewelry made from such material. Below are some of the best body piercing jewelry:

  1. Surgical Stainless Steel

It’s the most popular choice among people that are used for body piercing. Most people prefer surgical stainless steel because it’s very affordable and hypoallergenic. However, it’s essential to note that not all stainless steel varieties are safe for body piercing. Experts recommend two types of stainless steel, i.e., 316L and 316LVM. You can read more about them at Both work well and don’t react with any bodily fluids. Surgical stainless steel is also ideal for those with sensitive skin since it lacks nickel traces. If your skin is sensitive, it’s advisable to consult your dermatologist for further guidance before piercing.

  1. 14k/18k Gold

If you’ve decided to use golden body piercing jewelry, it’s advisable to be keen on its general composition. This will help you avoid problems such as infection or irritation. Ensure that you choose jewelry labeled 14k or 18k, especially if you’re piercing for the first time. They’re durable and don’t absorb or react to moisture or body fluids.

  1. Niobium

This is another excellent body piercing jewelry that’s hypoallergenic and relatively affordable than surgical stainless steel and titanium. This jewelry is also biocompatible, meaning that the body doesn’t react in any way to the foreign material. It’s also durable and comes in various colors, thus making it easy to customize your look. Experts recommend that people should purchase body piercing jewelry labeled 999 or 99.9% Niobium.

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  1. Titanium

This body piercing jewelry is ideal for nickel allergic people. Most people choose this option since it’s cost-effective and safer. The healing process of titanium piercing is also cleaner. You can get the best titanium piercing jewelry. Titanium is also durable and hypoallergenic. It also doesn’t absorb or react with body moisture or fluids. This is also the exact reason why it’s recommended in most surgical implants. The other reason why titanium is an ideal body piercing jewelry is that it’s biocompatible. This means that your body won’t sense the intrusion of any foreign material or start reacting against it.

  1. Platinum

Most people like platinum body piercing jewelry due to its luminous shine and inability to cause body reactions. It’s safe and hypoallergenic. Experts recommend the use of platinum piercing jewelry to those with gold and silver allergies.

In conclusion, these are some of the best body piercing jewelry. Before you decide to use any piercing jewelry, research more about it to find its composition to be safe.