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5 Best Tech Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2022

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One of the most effective methods to build a devoted following is through digital newsletters. You can develop trust and convince your followers to purchase by delivering regular newsletters that provide value. It requires time and dedication to grow an interested readership. However, you can get a jumpstart by starting with some professionally designed SaaS Newsletter Signup Email Templates.

People are constantly subscribing and unsubscribing newsletters in search of one that they actually enjoy. With the technological world continually evolving, it is hard to keep track of the changes. You want to deliver newsletters that are up-to-date, informative, and do not put your prospects to sleep!

What any individual finds interesting is subjective. Some people want in-depth information about specific topics, while others prefer a roundup of tech development. However, to make the searching activity less daunting, here is a list of the 5 best tech newsletters to subscribe to in 2022!

1. Benedict’s Newsletter

Benedict Evans, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, compiles a weekly summary of intriguing news. This email not only offers the latest technology news, but it also features Benedict Evans’ own analysis, views, and recommended rationale.

Benedict Evans’ free newsletter does an excellent job of compiling the most up-to-date articles and information from the fields of digital, productivity, invention, vehicles, machine learning, AR & VR, and a variety of other areas that you will find after signing up.

2. Exponential View 

Azeem Azhar curated this weekly newsletter that gathers the finest newly published articles and studies on technology from all over the online platform. One of the most popular sections is “Short Morsels to Appear Smart at Dinner Parties,” which has a good tinge of comedy.

The Exponential View examines exponential technologies in depth. As a consequence, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge about the future and how it’s shaping up right now. It offers a summary to make things a tad simpler, adopting a consistent curated pattern with lists of links taken from institutions and news sites.

3. Bizarro Devs

This free newsletter originates as a result of the author’s interest in technology and oddities. Bizarro Devs offers a series of articles, resources, and web pages that aren’t commonly found in mainstream magazines. 

Don’t worry if you’re not a programmer; it contains links that non-coders will like as well. Even though it says “devs,” it’s not only for developers; you’ll appreciate this newsletter because it covers a wide range of issues while staying within the technological realm. 

Bizarro Devs is published weekly every Thursday. Sign up for this newsletter if you are in search of interestingly strange, innovative, and exciting news for developers and non-developers alike. 


TLDR is advertised as the ‘byte’ sized news solution for busy tech fans. If you want to keep up with all of the news headlines without being overwhelmed, TLDR is the newsletter for you. It provides you a sense of what’s going on without going into too much detail.

This is a must-read newsletter for anybody interested in technology. The email is not only simple to read, but it also includes a great list of news, resources, and cutting-edge technology links. Because TLDR focuses solely on technology, you’ll seldom see it mixed in with other news pieces (unless they’re somewhat related).

5. The Download

“What’s emerging with technology?” – The Download’s tagline makes it abundantly clear that this newsletter brings you updated information about the technological world that is constantly evolving and emerging. 

The Download is a weekly email with a vibrant, modern design. It does not just have an aesthetic outlook, though. The substance is intriguing since it corresponds to a variety of realistic, futuristic, or hypothetical worldviews.

The newsletter is published weekly and includes many more subjects to subscribe to in addition to the usual one, such as the economics in tech, AI, blockchain, space technology, and just about everything else you’d expect from a newsletter. You can choose to sign up to all or only the ones that interest you the most.


Living in a world of technology makes it crucial to be aware of the revolutions it brings. There are many newsletters out there, but the ones mentioned above are just a few best ones to get you started! It will save you the hassle of going through numerous tech newsletters to pick one.

Before sending out a newsletter email to your subscribers, be sure to integrate SaaS Welcome Emails. A newsletter signup email does not have to be the first impression you make on a customer because they have previously interacted with your material before opting to subscribe. 

However, personalization through Free Marketing Automation Tools can take your relationship a long way! Use software to send timely and customized emails that make the clients feel special.