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5 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

Slot machines have a reputation as simple games that accept a wide range of bets from as little as a penny. However, some of the most significant payouts in casino history are from the games even in their cheap and straightforward nature. Since the introduction of progressive jackpots to pokie machines, their popularity has boomed, unlike any other casino game. Over the years, pokies with this bonus feature have created millionaires with life-changing amounts. The progressive jackpot wins are more significant in location-based casinos, but those of online casinos are not shy. Below are five of the most massive payouts ever granted by pokie machines. 

€17.86 Million

This win is the smallest one on this list, and it was awarded to a gambler residing in Finland. The jackpot was collected in 2013 from the Mega Fortune Slot and was considered the largest online slot jackpot until 2015. The player, who chose not to disclose their name, was awarded a whopping €17.86 million for a stake of €0.25, making it an even bigger stroke of luck.

Mega Fortune is a pokie by NetEnt that is responsible for numerous millionaires around the world. The slot comes with the promise of a flashy lifestyle for lucky gamblers as advertised in its theme. Punters can create combinations using luxury watches, champagne bottles, yachts, and wads of cash. The star of the pokie is the jackpot round triggered by three bonus symbols presented in the form of a bonus wheel. The item carries different portions labelled as three pooled prizes: Rapid, Major, and Mega, with Mega as the largest one. The poke has an average win of €3.98 million, and it pays out around every ten weeks.

€17.87 Million

The fourth most valuable slot jackpot is the highest one ever awarded in an online casino, and it amounts to a little over €17.87 million. This win was collected by Joy Heywood while playing the Mega Moolah slot machine in Betway Casino in 2015. Heywood’s win came as a shock since he had only opened the casino account 25 minutes before triggering the payout. The British soldier purchased a luxury Bentley vehicle and took his family on a Mediterranean cruise. In interviews held a couple of years later, Heywood stated that the jackpot also helped pay for his father’s medical expenses.

Mega Moolah Slot, which awarded this win, features a simple African theme that matches its dated 2006 release. The most famous element about the pokie is its progressive jackpot feature that holds four pooled wins. The biggest one, Mega, seeds at 1,000,000 while the rest have seed values between 10 and 10000. This slot game has paid out the Mega pot more than 70 times since the game’s launch. Most wins fall within the range of about €6 million and are awarded on an average time of eight weeks. The jackpot payouts are granted alongside other bonuses in the pokie machine including;

  • Wild – Mega Moolah online slot presents its wild icon as a lion, and it can replace any other symbol aside from the purple-faced lady. The character also forms winning combinations by itself valued up to 15,000 credits.
  • Scatter – The purple-faced lady is the scatter that triggers the free spins bonus when it lands on three or more tiles on the playtable. Activating the feature awards 100 credits and fifteen freebies. These icons appearing again trigger more free spins that are stacked on those that are playing. The incentive can award as much as 225,000 coins.
  • Icon winnings – The characters in Mega Moolah create combos with two or three to five of them that award winnings. The payouts vary depending on the stake used and symbols used in the combo. Five lions on any of the 25 bet lines pay 15,000 credits.

$27.5 Million

The Megabucks slot machine by International Game Technology is responsible for the top three most massive pokie jackpots of all time. Third place involves a retired flight attendant that struck gold in Las Vegas. The lady met her heavy stroke of luck in the Palace Station, which is a casino resort in Sin City. While having fun on the Megabucks reels, the gambler unintentionally places a $300 stake instead of $100. Her mistake quickly turned from regret to joy when the jackpot feature activated and awarded about $27.5 million. The gambler appears to beckon luck more than usual since she had collected a significant win from the Wheel of Fortune slot machine earlier valued at $700,000. The winner chose to keep her name and intentions with the win out of the spotlight.

$35 Million

The second-largest slot jackpot was granted to Cynthia Jay while having fun on the Megabucks machine. The massive win made the gambler a mind-blowing $35 million more prosperous, and it was awarded in the Monte Carlo Casino located in Sin City. Although such luck is a dream for almost every gambler, it turned into a nightmare for Cynthia. This player’s tale took an urban legend turn when lousy luck seemed to follow her after the massive payout. About a month later, Cynthia was involved in an accident that paralyzed her from the chest down and killed her sister. She has stated that she would give back the win if it meant having her old life back. This tale fuels the belief in the Megabucks curse.

$39.7 Million

The record for the most significant pokie win was set in 2003 by a 25-year-old playing in Excalibur Casino. The lad was a software engineer residing in Los Angeles. On the fateful day, he was waiting for a basketball game to begin while playing the Megabucks Slot. One of the spins transformed his $100 bet into $39.7 million. This record was almost snubbed by Karina Bookman who triggered a win of $42.9 million in Resort World Casino. However, it was dismissed as a false win that should have paid out $6500 instead.

The Bottom Line

These slot machines have awarded many more wins over the years, and they are still running to date. You can try your luck in any of them in online and location-based casinos. And you can also visit Bluechip app android, which combines all the modern technology, the requirements of Indian users and the experience of predecessor platforms to provide the best entertainment and quality service.