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Online Gambling Trivia and Facts in 2021

Online gambling is inherently fascinating, exciting, and fun. Lots of gaming innovations over the years continue to push the entire gambling industry forward at an astounding rate. There are far more things to celebrate about such success. Here are some amazing online gambling trivia and facts.

The evolution of payments include smart payments

Part of what makes your casino playing experience a lot more desirable is the payment. Reliable, safe, and swift deposit and withdrawal transactions are crucial for any digital and online gambling singapore platform. This is because it significantly affects a player’s choice if they wish to gamble at a given casino or not.

Platforms with many different options are more likely to attract a wide assortment of players. Similar to how we are usually influenced by the way we spend our money; we mostly opt for payments that are more convenient to us.

Most online casinos are starting to fully embrace the digital medium, opening up a ton of convenient payment methods other than your typical credit, debit, and bank transfers. Some of the technologies that are currently in the works include adopting voice commands, QR or digital codes, and other smart payments.

Some online gambling platforms even allow the use of built-in phone features such as face recognition, fingerprint scans, and additional pin locks.

Blockchain will push gambling even further

Speaking of payments, another kind of payment that is becoming more and more common nowadays is blockchain. If you do not know what blockchain is, you would probably recognize it by its other name cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency or blockchain technology has left many คาสิโนออนไล sites with a positive impact. Due to this technology being transparent and nearly exploitable nor counterfeited, many choose to make use of blockchain as their preferred payment method.

Gambling platforms are eager to integrate the cryptocurrency options across their channels for a more robust transaction. Additionally, it provides anonymity and privacy, unlike several others where your personal information requires to match with that of your banking details.

Esports will be bigger than ever

If you happen to be living under a rock and never have heard of Esports before, you’re basically missing what has kept the sports betting niche alive and active during the trying times of the pandemic. Esports have become an essential part of the sports betting market since the beginning.

At times when people have no way to visit an actual sports venue or bookmaker establishments, betting on esports is the next big thing. Esports league tournaments can all be organized even at the comfort of home. No need for admissions, tickets, etc., the players and their fans can all stay comfortably at home.

This year will be no different. Unlike real-life sports, Esports don’t feel the pressure of schedules and time restrictions. Cancelations and reschedules are not necessary. Online sports betting sites will be able to continue offering Esports-related content with no problems at all.

More casino immersion with AR and VR

While still on the topic of technology, one of the main things to look forward to this year is the broader implementation of more AR and VR casino games. Live casino games will take a realistic approach offering a much more immersive experience than ever before

Live dealer games will now offer hyper-realistic visuals, beyond your average greenscreen-type of feed. Augmented reality and virtual reality features make all this possible. Some gambling platforms even allow for multiple camera controls.

Mobile gaming is not going anywhere

When we’re talking about online gambling, the mobile market takes the cake for being in the leading position. This is clearly evident by the fact that most of the online casino website visits come from mobile devices. Convenience and accessibility are the main reasons.

That’s why over the last years, casino games continue to rise across mobile devices and other portable devices such as tablets.

Online gambling platforms either create their website completely optimized for mobile use or they build a dedicated mobile app that is packed with all the content you would expect from an online gambling brand.