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5 Business Ideas that You Can Start as a College Student

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Starting a small business during college years might seem like a daunting challenge, considering that you have other things you have to take responsibility for – like studies and exams. However, starting a small business as a student can actually be more beneficial than you think.

Starting on the path of entrepreneurship can be enriching for both your finances and your character. We won’t lie, it will be challenging, and failure is almost inevitable at the beginning phases of starting a business. But the reward of following through with a well-researched business idea can be financial freedom and becoming your own boss.

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The dropshipping business model has lots of potential to succeed. But, of course, research, strategy, consistency, and perseverance will all work in your favor.

Many people have tried the dropshipping method and might not have seen positive results as quickly as they wanted. So, many people give up and then discourage others from doing it. However, dropshipping is a booming business model now and will continue to see success shortly. Dropshipping is easy because the seller doesn’t have to stock or own their inventory. To start selling, they need to purchase merchandise from a third-party wholesaler or manufacturer like since they can help you to harness your personal brand and unlock a new revenue stream with Supliful’s on-demand fulfillment service.

With that in mind, one of the essential key factors to succeed in dropshipping is finding the right product. The best thing to keep in mind is that you are on a mission to find something high in demand in the market.

Start by researching how to get started with your dropshipping business by using websites like Shopify, Aliexpress, and Amazon.

Become a Tutor

If you’re not a freshman in your bachelor’s course or pursuing a master’s degree or on your way to becoming a Ph.D. student already, you can definitely find students in the lower years in need of help with their studies. Some will be willing to pay someone to help them. And, sometimes, getting guidance from another student is much more relaxed than getting guidance from a professor.

Setting up to make yourself known as a tutor should be easy. Start by informing your school’s administration and staff that you want to tutor other students. If you want to do it without the help or intervention of the school, spread the word independently by using social media or word by mouth.

Maybe you want to become a tutor online? You can post a job offer on online platforms or find existing demands on said platforms. Try posting on Studyfy Reddit and get traffic through your post since many students who need academic help are on there.


The internet is filled with opportunities to make money online. Just like the dropshipping strategy, a successful blog will need research, consistency, and perseverance. However, the best thing about starting a blog is that you can start it for free.

There are plenty of websites out there that let you set up a blog for free – WordPress and Wix, for example. Paying for better features to set up an even more attractive website is affordable as well, but you can worry about it later in your journey if you want.

Firstly, do your research, find your niche, and start writing when you’ve found something that resonates with you. If making money is your main goal, research other bloggers who have made it big in the blogging game.

Freelance Work

Becoming a freelancer is definitely a great way to start your own business by selling your skills. Becoming a freelancer online is as easy as making a new social media account.

Start by registering yourself on websites for freelancers like Fiverr, Upwork, and using websites like Spotify. There is a lot of competition out there, so the main goal once you get started on this path is building an online presence and reputable online image.

Once you get your first client or two, you should aim to earn their trust so that they will keep coming back for your services.

You can do anything as a freelancer since many companies and individuals outsource their work online nowadays. There are people who offer:

  • coding services
  • graphic design services
  • translation, and writing services 

The point being is that no matter where your niche falls, it most definitely can be offered as a service online.

Sell Your Clothes on Depop

Selling your second-hand (or first-hand) clothes on Depop is an easy way to make some extra cash as a college student. You’re also making a positive impact on the environment by letting others buy your clothes instead of you throwing them out.