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Top Reasons Market Research is Crucial for Mobile App Development

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Using a mobile app and getting all small to significant needs met is a piece of cake, but have you ever wondered how much work and time was spent in creating that app? Mobile app development is a complex process that requires precision, highly skilled personnel, and time. Mobile apps have emerged as a groundbreaking technology that have transformed human lives considerably. Mobile app technology has completely revolutionized the way multiple industries function, especially e-commerce, entertainment, finance, tourism and travel, and many more. Mobile apps have gradually turned into a necessity, which has led to a threefold increase in mobile app development. 

There are millions of apps available on various app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple Store to fulfill multiple needs of the users. According to Statista, Google Play Store and Apple App Store are the two most popular app stores containing the highest number of apps, 3.48 million and 2.2 million, respectively. To stand out and be successful in this competition, a mobile app needs to be unique and based on a well-researched concept that genuinely solves user problems. Market Research is one such factor on which the future of mobile apps highly depends. In this post, we’ll focus on the importance of market research in mobile app development. So, let’s move forward and understand the top ways market research helps develop a successful mobile app. 

#1 Helps in finding the right app idea 

The prime reason to do market research before mobile app development is to understand the potential users face and derive the right solution. Market research involves defining a target audience and studying the issues they face in their daily lives and how they think they can be solved. These research and surveys should be carried out on a significant number of people who represent every kind of individual. Sometimes, due to lack of research or hurry in jumping straight to the development process, developers end up creating an app that doesn’t meet the expected results or solution to a problem. In most cases, a lack of research can lead to the development of a mobile app that doesn’t address the right issue. Lack of in-depth market research can also possibly result in developing a copy of an app already existing in the market. To avoid all such phenomena in advance, it’s advisable to conduct full-fledged market research before developing a mobile app. 

#2 Better understanding of your audience 

Market research not only helps in finding the right problem and deriving the right solution but also helps in understanding your target audience. Knowing your audience helps you in serving them better after final mobile app deployment. Market research is the initial step for any app development, but the data gathered from well-done market research helps throughout the development phase and even after the app deployment process. You can contact your target audience constantly to gather feedback about your app and the changes that need to be made to make it better. Listening to the audience regularly helps businesses to understand their behavioral pattern, likes, and dislikes. This data allows companies to develop other products that are bound to succeed and emerge helpful in solving the users’ problems. Hence, market research is vital for businesses and developers willing to understand their customers to serve them better.

#3 Saves money and time 

Mobile app development is an extensive process that requires a significant amount of capital, labor, and time. The success of a mobile app depends on a variety of factors, and one such factor is market research. Developing a powerful mobile app requires in-depth market research to ensure that the app is designed to solve the right problem that a significant number of people have been facing. In contrast, lack of research always leads to a mobile app based on an idea that doesn’t play well with the users and cannot effectively solve their problems. This results in the failure of the app and thus the total wastage of capital, time, and labor invested in its development. To avoid such a situation that results in an ultimate loss for the developer and businesses, in-depth market research is pretty much advisable. Mobile app development done with in-depth market research saves time and money by eliminating the need to rework the app. App development service seekers must check the list of top app development companies cataloged by Goodfirms to find the right service provider to cater to their needs.

#4 Ensures success 

There are hundreds of apps available on multiple app stores such as Google Play Store, Apple app store, Windows Store, and many more for meeting most human needs. There are many apps that fulfill similar kinds of user needs available in the market, such as entertainment apps. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are both entertainment apps, and both are popular at the same time. The reason why both of them are popular, although they serve the same purpose, is that both of them have unique features, different picture quality, and subscription charges. We can learn from this example that for any app to be successful amongst its competitors, it is essential for it to be unique and distinctive. Market research plays an important role here; it helps us know what users like about those competing apps and what they don’t. Using the data, you can develop an app that solves those loopholes of similar existing apps and attract users to download and use your app instead. This way, market research helps you derive the right app idea and features it needs to ensure success. 

Wrapping up

Mobile apps are one of the most powerful and the best creations of humankind. Mobile apps help humans carry out a variety of tasks and solve a variety of problems for us. There are millions of apps available in the market. Moreover, to fulfill the same demand, there are thousands of apps available on different app stores. This creates a competitive and challenging market for aspiring developers and businesses looking forward to developing a mobile app. But thorough market research can help boost the confidence and figure out the right concept based on which the app should be developed. Moreover, market research helps figure out the features that will make the app more distinctive and better. This post discussed the importance of market research in mobile app development and how it plays a significant role in ensuring its success. Marking the end of the post, I would highly recommend app developers to conclude in-depth market research before starting the app development cycle to help it become successful.


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