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5 Casino-Related Series to Add to Your List of Must-See Shows

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Do you find yourself going back to the same series over and over again? No matter how many times that ‘thing’ happens, you are going through it as if it were the first time. 

And then suddenly, it is over… and you’re ready for something new? 

You’re not alone; looking for a new series to watch and actually committing to it isn’t easy. People repeatedly watch their favourites for years because they are comforting and enjoyable. But sometimes, a niche interest offers up a combination that isn’t your usual trope. Almost any series that features a casino or gambling of any kind has some cliches – but they’re usually a far cry from the soft canned laughs of HIMYM (although they have plenty of bets!). 

So, up the ante with your new series with these epic choices. 

The Casino

A bit on the nose with the name, but you know what you are in for when you watch it. For those who love a little bit of Vegas, you’ll be familiar with the Golden Nugget. The Casino was a reality show where two dot-com millionaires managed the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino – and the viewers got a lot of access. 

It is important to remember before you watch the first episode, it didn’t run for long, as the ratings weren’t great. That said, the 13 episodes that are available offer a lot of access for those who are interested in what the running of a casino looks like. 

The Casino was shot when reality TV was in its prime, and much of it feels almost parody-like.


Hailed as one of the most riveting shows that Netflix has ever shown, Ozark is an unmissable 44 episodes long. The show revolves around Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman – a financial advisor who puts his family through some tough (very tough) times while laundering $500 million for the cartel. 

While the idea of the perfect family going off track isn’t new, Ozark offers incredible direction (Bateman) and writing and is stunning in terms of shooting. When you’re watching, you might notice the blue tint to the show, and it really feeds into the feeling of isolation and worry about the characters that you will feel, too. 

For those who enjoyed Breaking Bad, this could be your new binge-watch – as it is certainly binge-worthy. It is worth noting that there are some violent scenes and shootouts – as should be expected when the cartel is mentioned in the storyline. 

Luckily, You don’t need to be as good at maths as this guy to work out slot machine algorithms or how much you can clean money through poker games – you get to enjoy the games for what they are, no cartel strings attached. 

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete is not a show for the faint of heart, and it will serve up more cringe-worthy moments that you might be ready for. A criminal gets released from jail and needs to perform several things for a ‘friend’ inside. Giovanni Ribisi spectacularly plays Pete/Marius, finessing and conning his way around his new life. 

A drug lord is hunting Marius, and so Marius assumes the identity of his cellmate, Pete. Since Pete’s family hasn’t seen him in years, they are easy-Ish to fool, and Marius starts his new life as Pete. The tension as we wait to see if Marius will be found out, the budding romance, some trouble, and a couple of unforgettable casino moments. 


This one often gets filed under ‘the most underrated show ever.’ The premise of Deadwood is that it was a truly lawless town and was very attractive to criminals. It is a western with a gangster feel and pulls no punches when it comes to violence, swearing, and other adult themes. 

Lovers of the history of casinos will love this one because the main character owns a casino, bar, and house for ladies of the evening. Poker, roulette, and other bets come up – and since the town is lawless, the rivalry from other businesses is high. Interestingly enough, even though this one was cancelled after the third season, it was so solidly popular that the demand for another season promoted Deadwood: The Movie. 

This means you can round it off with a movie after you have cruised your way through all three seasons. 


ANA. all in

Get your popcorn for this Spanish drama TV show. We follow Ana, who gets a frantic call from her brother, giving her the devastating news that he has been accused of killing a big-time casino director. This can only spell trouble. 

What makes ANA. all in an important watch is that it is inspired by real events. The drama walks the line between a casino series and a legal drama very well, and it deals with things like addiction, suicide, and a lot of violence. Not one for the faint of heart! 

Finding a show with the right amount of thrill and amazing storyline can be difficult at times, however there are many more shows that feature casinos – but these are some of the best!