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Learning How Google Ads Works

Choosing to use Google Ads or where you are is one of the best business choices you can make. Google sees nearly 4 billion searches a day. Each one is a chance for a business to get its brand seen and to drive traffic and gain clients or customers. With Google Ads, businesses can promote what they have to offer to relevant search keywords.

Understanding Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform people pay for, owned by Google. First called Google Adwords the idea is that when people use the search engine using certain keywords and they get their results with a SERP or search engine results page, on that page will be advertisements people have paid for. These ad results are listed to almost look the same as the organic search results apart from the Ad in bold at the start of the post. The point is to drive traffic with paid Google ads to where you want more traffic. It is still a fact that most people choose to click on results on that first page, so that is where the Google Ads are placed to get more clicks. You are not guaranteed to have the top spot though even when you have paid, as others are competing for those keywords.  

How it all works

Google Ads is a PPC or pay per click model. Those who are marketing will target certain keywords that are linked to their business. You will make so many maximum bids on keywords, or have a max amount you will pay for an ad. You can also choose to just set a daily limit of how much you are willing to spend on ads. It will not go over that amount per day so you can better budget for your Google ads marketing campaigns. Businesses or marketers have three options, CPC, which is cost per click how much they pay when a user clicks on the ad placed. CPE, which is cost per engagement, how much they pay when the user carries out an action like signing up. CPM, cost per mille, which is how much they pay per a thousand ad impressions.

Google Ads then gives you a Quality Score depending on the bid amount and an assessment of the ad. It looks at the quality of the keywords, the ad itself and the landing pages. When you have a higher quality score you can enjoy lower prices and improved ad positions. Ten is the highest score. Your Ad Rank is worked out by combining the bid amount with the Quality Score. The Ad rank is where the ad appears on the search result page.


As well as having organic search optimization having Google Ads is a great way to get more users to come to your landing page where you can call them to take the action you want. You can then enjoy the benefits and achieve the goals you are looking to achieve.