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5 Players That You Didn’t Know Played For Barcelona.

Barcelona is without any second thought, one of the best football clubs. In 2009, Barcelona, under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, won astonishing six titles. It also gained numerous continental as well as domestic honours.

Barcelona has undoubtedly a rich football history. One of the finest players such as Frank Rijkaard, Johan Cryuff, Marco Van Basten, Luis Figo, Ronald Nazario, Xavi, Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho have played in the Barcelona jersey and have made the club achieve greater heights. You can watch the latest streams at crack streams.

Yet some players get success somewhere else other than Barcelona. Let us take a look at five players that you didn’t know played for Barcelona. 

Players, you didn’t know played for Barcelona once:

  • Mikel Arteta

First on our list is Mikel Arteta. He is currently the Arsenal manager and began his career at Barcelona. However, he faced some difficulties initially. 

After spending almost three years in the B team of the club, Arteta experienced a stretch at Rangers, St. Germain, Paris, real Sociedad then he finally landed into the Premier League. He came out as a fine midfielder there.

In around 350 games Mikel scored around 51 times, and he also provided 44 assists. In an interview, he once mentioned that the reason behind him leaving Barcelona was that he had less probability of coming into the first team.

  • Juan Roman Riquelme

When talking about the best player makers, Juan Roman Riquelme is a name that comes to our minds instantly. We are all familiar with his magic in Villarreal and Boca Juniors real. However, most of us don’t know that he struggled while he was at Barcelona. 

Juan Roman Riquelme faced a stretch at the Camp Nou, where he made six goals and over nine assists in more than 40 games.

He finally left Barcelona in frustration to join Villarreal where he emerged as the rising star. He was one of the few players who gained success elsewhere.

  • Maxi Lopez

Maxi Lopez made a debut from Barcelona. His debut was quite memorable though, and he managed to score against Chelsea in the Champions League.

The debut was promising, yet that was it for Maxi Lopez at Barcelona. Lopez only managed to score once in 12 arrivals. He then finally left the club, he played for around 14 clubs in his life. However, Lopez lacked consistency; he scored not more than ten goals for approximately 12 clubs.

  • Ricardo Quaresma 

Ricardo Quaresma made an entry into Barcelona in the year 2003. He attracted a lot of attention during his stretch at Sporting Lisbon, and it was only after that he joined Barcelona.

But, his temper became his worst enemy along with doubtful work rate, inconsistency, and indiscipline.

Ricardo Quaresma had all the qualities to gain success in Barcelona. He could flank, dribble, create some opportunities for the fellow teammates, plus he could have caused trouble for his opponent defences as he had great speed, creativity and finesse. However, he left the club only after a single season.

He currently plays for Vitoria Guimaraes. He has played for other top clubs including Porto, Inter Milan, Chelsea, etc. However, his inconsistency has been the drawback that pulls him back.

  • Thiago Motta

Last on our list is Thiago Motta. Thiago Motta initiated his professional football career at Barcelona in the year 2001. However, he was unable to come into the first team plus his injuries have made The player experience an underwhelming stretch of as many as six seasons at the club. 

The motto was to become a versatile player he could play in numerous positions including midfield. However, he scored for merely ten times at the club when he finally left it because of the unpleasant stretches-at Genoa, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid. 

However, his injuries have restricted his performance. However, at Paris St. Germain, Thiago experienced some consistency. He made numerous calls and won the title galore.

Final Words

All in all, Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the best clubs in the world of football. It has blossomed many popular players including Lionel Messi. However, some players who once played for the club did find success most of the time in some other club.