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Home Décor with LED Light Strips

LED lights have established a large chunk of the market for itself. The popularity of LED lights has grown exponentially among the years. It is because they are versatile, durable, lightweight, cost-effective and easy to install as compared to other light sources in the market. People nowadays prefer the use of LED lights for decoration purposes rather than bulbs and CFLs, as they are handy. LED strips being the most popular among the LED light sources. They can be easily installed and add an accent to your decoration. You can order your stock of Lepro LED lights from 

Here are the ten cool creative home lighting ideas for LED Strips :

  • LED strips to light up your low-key walls.

LED strips can be a fantastic add-on to your pale walls. They can be applied in the recessed ceiling area of the room to give a more sophisticated look to your room. This kind of lighting will provide a mild and diffused touch to your room. 

  • Transform your kitchen into a cook’s room. 

Kitchen is the crucial element of any home. The kitchen is always at the centrepiece of any house; therefore, they need to be aesthetically lit. There are various ways with which you can enhance the attire of your kitchen using LED light strips. The LED strips can be taped along with the cabinet and inside them too. These strips can get the job done undoubtfully, as they are light in weight and energy-efficient. Kitchen counters can be lit by pasting the LED strip accompanying the edges of the counter and make cooking fun. 

  • TV décor.

Television is placed right at the focal point of your living room, a place where you accompany your guests. Decorating it with the LED strips might implant quite an impression on your guests. Applying the ribbon at the back of your television which gives a mellow look to your living room.

  • Stairway to heaven.

A staircase is the least decorative bit of the house. Well, guess what? LED strips are the answer. Yes, you can lighten up the boring staircase with the LED lights by taping them under the lining of the steps. LED lights will give a depth to your stairs and also it will look a lot majestic to walk on them.

  • Floating Shelves.

Every house has a lot of shelves in every room. The LED strip can light em up too. Racks have something or other items placed in them, only by applying LED strip you can bring the life out of those miscellaneous items in your shelves.

  • Merry Christmas

December is the month of festivals. You can decorate your home with these LED light strips. They are flexible and do not require any professional help for installation. The Christmas tree can be illuminated with these strips giving a jolly hold to the tree. Adding these LED strips to your festive decoration can really lift up the spirits. Besides this, Rope Lights can also be a great option for Christmas decoration.

  • Decorating your mirrors

Vanity mirrors need to be well lit, and this can be possible by applying the strip along with the frame of the mirror. We need mirrors every day, and they need to look beautiful. LED can give a proper light and are compact to apply. 

  • Wardrobe or Closet lighting

Wardrobe or a Closet do not generally receive ambient light. But, guess what LED strips can resolve this problem too. All you need is a tape a power supply LED light strip and a wardrobe of course! Apply LED along the inner lining of the closet and see the change yourself.

  • Furniture from the future.

Every home has a lot of furniture. Furniture can always use some light décor. The LED light strip can be fixed onto the furnishings and add life to your piece of furniture. LED’s are pretty durable and flexible in applying.

  • Worktable or a Workstation.

Most people prefer to work at night these days. Keeping the lights on at night can be hard on eyes to overcome this, we can install our LED light strip along your workspace and turn it into a workstation. This lighting can give a pretty soothing ambience to your workstation and increase your productivity as well.