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5 Reasons Why NFL is the Best Sport in the World 

There is a lot of disagreement among NFL football fans. They’ll fight each other tooth and nail over who the best player on their favorite team is and why each of their choices should have that specific honor. They’ll argue with fans of other teams about bad calls by “bribed” referees or illegal hits that everyone watching the game missed except for them. They’ll disagree on which version of the team jersey is the best, which stadium has the best amenities, the best way to host a Superbowl or tailgate party, the best quarterback in football history, and even which coaches should be allowed into the league. One thing that every single NFL football fan on the face of the earth will agree on is that NFL football is the best sport ever invented or played by humankind. Though the amount of online sports betting that is done varies from sport to sport, the number of bets placed on NFL games is enormous. Fans are so dedicated to the sport, its culture, and its teams that they never miss a game and always know the league standings.

According to NFL fans, and we are definitely NFL fans, there is no way that any other sport could ever come close to replicating the excitement, skill, and glory of a face-off between two top-notch NFL teams. We could offer more, but we’ve narrowed it down to five reasons why we love the NFL so much, and we will share them with you now.

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1. Athletic Skill

Though we don’t deny that it takes serious athletic skill to compete in any sport at a professional level, NFL footballers are in a class of their own. Not only is the amount of skill that it takes to become an NFL player incredibly high, but the kind of skills you need will vary radically from position to position, so it’s not a one size fits all kind of sport. Your wide receivers are running distances like forty yards in the space of four seconds, your linemen can bench upwards of 250 pounds for more than thirty reps. Linebackers are the ones who come at the opposing team hard enough to rattle their skulls, quarterbacks have to be able to hurl a ball through the air and land it very precisely in the hands of a waiting receiver who may be 80 yards away and don’t get us started on the running backs! At a football game, you see things you will never see anywhere else.

2. The Culture

NFL football games are really something special, but they would be far less exciting without the abundance of excitement that comes with the culture that surrounds them. During football season, every Sunday becomes an event. Fans will even watch games that aren’t being played by their favorite teams! Pre-game coverage will start as early as ten in the morning. Fans arrive at the stadium to tailgate and visit with their friends, there are live run-downs of statistics, team members, and match predictions, and the game might not be due to start for at least another ten hours! The culture of complete involvement and commitment to the sport is seen in few other sports, and it’s something really special. The Super Bowl is the event of the year, every year: this year’s Bowl broke viewership records with 111.3 million viewers tuning in.

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3. A Game of Strategy

An entire week of preparation by the teams and their coaches is put in before every game, and that’s not counting the strategic training the teams put in all year long. Previous games played by both the team in question and their opponents are broken down and analyzed, and players are drilled on the teams’ habits, most used plays, and the size and skills of each opponent they’ll be facing. All the strategy and preparation in the world won’t help if everything falls apart on game day, so the team needs a backup strategy and a backup for that backup covering every conceivably possible outcome. Coaches and assistant coaches have to have a plan of action that extends way past what is likely to happen and into the realm of anything that’s possible.

Image by Ezkol Arnak via Pexels

4. The Super Bowl

The game of games, the ultimate American football event: the Super Bowl. This event alone would be considered reason enough to name football the best sport in the world! Not only is it a spectacle of talent in which the two best teams of the year face off against each other in the ultimate showdown, but fans worldwide are also treated to the now famous Halftime Show. It started out as simple halftime entertainment and morphed into the can’t-miss musical event of the season. 

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5. The Drama

There is no more dramatic sport than football. You have a selection of sometimes world-famous athletes competing against other players who are equally famous and incredibly skilled. You also have “lower” level teams who, given the right set of circumstances, could trounce any of the higher-level teams and players without blinking. You could see a game with an incredibly high-scoring game that’s highly energized down to the last second or a perfectly matched game that comes down to one mistake. Millions of fans watch these moments and hold their breath, waiting to see if they’ll be cheering or crying when the play is made. There’s not one single second of any given game that doesn’t count or can be wasted.

Wrap Up

For these reasons and so many more, we stand by our statement and the statement of every football fan and player in the world that NFL football is the best sport on earth. The teams, the individual players, the fans, the events they attend, and the fever that surrounds football are all in perfect balance, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.