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Can Amazon Prime Gaming Disrupt the Gaming Sector the Way Prime Video Did the Streaming Landscape   

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The gaming sector has become one of the most lucrative aspects of the entertainment industry. Today we can safely say that gaming has developed at a rapid pace and managed to hit record-breaking revenues of over $300 billion on a global scale. Also, there are over 2 billion gamers, so there is huge potential for gaming to grow even further in the future.   

When it comes to cloud-based gaming, although this is a new platform in the gaming sector, it has attracted the attention of the likes of Google, Amazon, and Apple. They have developed their own streaming service, similar to video streaming services, but in this case, they offer on-demand gaming. So, here we will explore how Amazon will affect the gaming industry with its foray into gaming.   

What is Cloud Based Gaming   

Cloud-based gaming is basically a subscription model where gamers can access a portfolio of video games on any device, including their mobile devices, smart TVs, game consoles, and computers. However, in order to get access to modern, fresh titles, they have to pay a monthly subscription fee as any Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, or any other video streaming service.   

It streams the game directly to your device, so you don’t have to invest in additional hardware or gaming gear. This is the main allure of cloud-based streaming, and Amazon has decided to create its own streaming service called Luna.   

One example of casino games streamed directly to your device are live casino games available on online casino sites. They are, however, accessible for any casino members that registers on the casino site; then, the casino players can try their luck with different games, including poker, roulette, and slots, in many variations.   

Amazon Luna   

Amazon Luna was launched in 2020, and it became a competitor to Google Stadia, GeForce Now, and Apple Arcade. In the beginning, there were around 100 titles for a subscription fee of $5.99 a month. The main advantage is the cross-channel gaming that is available through Amazon Luna. You can play any game from their collection on any device of your choice.   

So, it is safe to safe that Amazon can have the same impact on the gaming sector with its latest product Amazon Luna. We are yet to see how the subscription service will be accepted by other countries since, currently, it’s only available in the USA.   

Twitch Prime   

Twitch Prime is another Amazon-owned service that was previously a streaming platform for gamers that live-streamed their gaming sessions and popularised games like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty.   

It also was the main reason for developing a huge gaming community since gamers had a chance to interact and chat with like-minded individuals and learn from their experiences and mistakes in the gameplay.   

Acquiring Twitch was another attempt by Amazon to offer streaming services, but with the sole purpose of expanding on those benefits with even more titles and better content for the subscribers.