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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Handmade Jewelry

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Handmade jewelry has a stand-out appeal, and that’s a fact. Whether it is the expert craftmanship that gives birth to this type of jewelry, the excitement that results from wearing something unique or the beauty of sustaining local businesses, handcrafted jewelry is different. And, as experts often highlight, some other benefits go beyond these simple rules.

What is handmade jewelry?

As the word suggests, handmade jewelry is jewelry made by hand. No machine is involved in the process, which requires a lot of exactness, focus, and devotion. What does it mean? That pieces aren’t possibly the same. The final result depends upon the artisans’ hands (and their creative brains). However, the beauty of handmade jewelry is not merely aesthetic.

Why should you go handmade?

To keep it short, the reasons to choose handcrafted pieces over mass-produced ones are not always practical. As we will see in this article, that does not mean you’ll be left with an “inferior quality” piece. Not at all. But there’s a joy that comes from purchasing handmade jewelry that has more to do with your soul.

You’re supporting “real” people

Going handmade means you establish a relationship with the maker. Most of the time, you buy your products directly from them; you help them sustain their craft and learn their intriguing story. In other words, there’s a human side to it that you’ll never get otherwise.

A story behind each piece

We just said it. Artisans have their own stories. They are the stories of their lives and careers, which sometimes had to be built on effort and difficulties and the ones of each piece they produce. In a way, making a jewel is similar to making a piece of art. It all comes to inspiration and feelings, elements that can never be reproduced.

It’s limited

Machines never stop working. They continue every day, producing the items we all wear. And while there’s a benefit in that, this takes away the feeling of accomplishment. To wear handmade jewelry means to wear something that has been made with passion, time and dedication. Something special.

Materials are of higher quality

When you buy a handcrafted necklace, bracelet or ring, you are going for materials of high quality, often higher than the ones used in mass-produced jewelry. After all, creating something by hand is such a delicate process that using precious materials is necessary. You don’t get a second chance, so you must rely on quality.

You’re helping local businesses

If you buy from a local artisan, you’ll proudly support not only a market but also a family. Indeed, you often pay extra for a particular handmade piece of jewelry, but you are helping to preserve something special by choosing to protect an artist’s work. There are tons of small business owners worldwide who sell their handcrafted jewelry, with which they support their local and family economies. 

Many designers, often women from developing countries, make a living with gorgeous jewelry pieces, sometimes adorned with precious gemstones. Suppose you buy from a small artisan who sell their jewelry online instead of an established high-end designer. In that case, you are helping to support small economies and the chain of suppliers worth protecting, regardless of the purchasing channel you use.