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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using a White Label Marketing Report Tool

Presentation, Productivity, Accuracy, Progress and Cost Are All Key

Bosses don’t know what is actually happening on the ground—especially in the marketing department. They only get company performance through marketing reports. With white label marketing reports, company managers can easily communicate marketing strategies. From PPC campaigns to social media activity, marketing tools will positively impact on your business’s marketing strategy.

With that in mind, here are 5 reasons why your business should use white label marketing report tools.

1. Presentation
A complete white label marketing report tool comes with an easily accessible as well as intuitive report designer features. With these designer tools, you have access to several styling capabilities—including conditional formatting and CSS-like styling. These features can help you create advanced report layouts, manipulate reports, as well as built presentations that are appealing. This enables you to seamlessly embed reports—making it easy to be viewed or exported to other formats.

2. Productivity
Using a white label marketing reporting tool improves your company’s productivity. Unlike manual marketing reporting that often takes time, automated marketing reporting tools help you get things done within minutes. With marketing tools, the data you need, the graphs you require for your presentations, and charts you want are readily available. This saves time and improves overall company productivity.

Truth be told…to generate large, complex marketing reports can be tedious, time-consuming, and even strain your budget. That’s why you should bank on automated white label marketing report tools that rely on highly-optimized report engines to do the work. Plus, these reporting tools are easily configured and have secure access. You can edit, export, share, or publish within minutes.

3. Accuracy
Human beings are prone to error. Plus, market reports are repetitive in nature—which increases the risks of making errors. But with automated white label marketing report tools, you get accurately analyzed data. So, don’t live in the past. Use innovative automated white label marketing report tools to catapult your marketing strategy to success.

4. Progress
You need reports that clearly crystalizes business results, performance, and trends. Reports help spot business weak points and areas of improvements. Often, this requires carefully analyzed reports featuring rich graphics, displays, and interactive features (i.e. sorting and filtering). Preparing reports manually is unlikely to guarantee these results. That’s why using white label marketing report tools is the way to go. Report tools are accurate, consumes less time, and flexible in nature. With them, you are able to prepare reports that reflect the true progress of your business in a cost-effective manner.

5. Cost
White label marketing reports are automated—eliminating the need to hire so many marketing experts to prepare them. Plus, it takes minutes to prepare these reports. Remember, time is money. Saving time means saving money. With automated marketing reports, your employees don’t have to spend days preparing reports. This time can be used in doing other productive marketing related tasks.

The Bottom-Line
Everyone wants to go digital, right? It makes life easy. Ad your business, too, is craving for the same. Use white label marketing tools to save time and money. Plus, automated digital marketing reports are accurate.