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5 Teaching Strategies You Must Try in 2021

Are you a new teacher who is ready to take your job? Many people of this job may find if nervous when they first to teach students, feeling afraid of making mistakes. But actually, you don’t need to worry too much about this because you would certainly do a good job.

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To help both new and experienced teachers feel more confident, this review offers several teaching tips for you to start the new 2021 year.

  1. Apply Webb’s Depth of Knowledge 

Many teachers must know about this knowledge as it teaches you how to design the correct knowledge scale for students in different stages of studying. So if you are a new teacher without too much experience, you should plan all the knowledge you need to teach students of the whole semester in advance, for example, you should consider during each period, how deep you would lead your students to go into the knowledge. Here is a reference for the four DoK levels:

* Level one: Recollection and reproduction

* Level two: Knowledge application

* Level three: Strategic thinking

* Level four: Extended critical thinking

You can take it as a reference and apply it to your teaching strategies.

  1. Prepare Your PPT Well in Advance

To present students’ knowledge clearly, most teachers would choose to use a PPT document. So you need to spend time preparing PPT documents for all your lessons according to the knowledge you are planning to teach in the above step. You can search for teaching materials online as there must be many. If you find some materials that are save in PDF documents, download them, and then use online tools to convert PDF to PPT files, then you can directly use the materials in your PPT. But if there are too many blank sections in the PDF pages and it is hard for you to directly use in your PPT, you can crop those blank sections off using the Crop PDF tool. These PDF solution tools can be easily found online.

  1. Encourage Active Learning

Active learning mode can encourage students to pay higher attention in classes because students could gain attention from teachers and also feedbacks from them. Such a learning mode can engage all students in lessons and also enable them to learn faster as you can better follow the teacher’s path. Some strategists rated active learning such as reciprocal thinking, the pause procedure, muddiest point, etc. can be used.

  1. Differentiate Teaching Method

According to different students’ abilities in absorbing the knowledge, you should consider differentiating your teaching method and apply them to different groups of students for making sure everyone can gain proper care. As mentioned, you can divide students into different groups basing on their studying abilities, and then apply different teaching methods that are the most appropriate ones for each of the groups. This method makes sure everyone in the class can have an improvement in studying.

  1. Behavior Development

Other than imparting professional knowledge, being a teacher should also teach students proper manners to let them better fit into society. Some important qualities such as punctuation, respect for others, etc. are essential to let every student know as they are very basic qualities for being a well-behavior people. So you can also highlight these points when you are teaching lessons.


These are some very effective and important strategies that you can include in your teaching methods. Such parts can make your teaching to be more comprehensive as well as professional. Even you are a new teacher, don’t worry because by following such strategies, you can quickly find ways in getting familiar with this field.