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5 Things You Didn’t Know About WoW Classic Addons

Wow, Classic or the World of Warcraft Classic is one of the most popular games among millions of individuals worldwide. There are excellent features in the game that would make it stand out among the rest. It is a vintage game, and there are incredible and astonishing add-ons as well that you may not have known to date. So, let us dive deeper to understand the gaming and the excellent Add-ons you didn’t know about. There may be addons that would not work for the Classic version, but there will be ones that will, and the numbers are more than you can think about.

How are you supposed to install the Addons for WoW Classic?

Choose the mod you want to download and then click on download to download the file. Once you download it (it will be in a zip file), you will obtain it in the Downloads directory. Then unzip the file by extracting it and then save it. By default, for Windows users, the Wow classic addons are held in the Program Files (x86) inside, World of Warcraft, then _classic_, then Interface and finally the AddOns. Better to unzip all the files in this folder, and it is the recommended way.

If you are a MAC user, then extract the files downloaded by double-clicking on them. Then go to the Applications and then search to find out the folder for the World of Warcraft. Like the windows, navigate to the AddOns and copy and paste the folder extracted into this AddOns folder. Whenever you are going to start World of Warcraft, you will find your Addons already active. 

In any case, if you are not willing to take up all the hassles manually, you can use the addon manager available for WOW to take care of a few things and make the process easier. 

Let us know the Addons popularly supported by the Classic version:


The action bar you already possess can be entirely replaced by this add on “Bartender4”. I know that is interesting and you know what? They replaced bar can be fully customized by you. With the help of this, you can perform a plethora of actions like change the transparency of the bar or even you can opt to change the size and the positioning. This helps you get your personalized User Interface, and this is one of the excellent features you must know.


Bagnon is going to be your manager for the inventories you have across multiple bags. It is an overhaul that helps you make a quick shift from one item to another, which is extraordinary. Bagnon consolidates the multiple loads you possess into one and sort things out and form groups. You can figure out the quality of any item by looking at the borders that are coloured. There are search options as well that help you to search for a thing within seconds. You don’t even have to log in to learn about the multiple characters and items.

AtlasLoot Classic

In the latest WoW, you own a journal that logs all the values of loot droppings from the dungeons and the raids, but Classic lacks behind in that regard. But now, you are not out of track anymore because the AtlasLoot Classic Add will help you look through the loot tables for the raids and dungeons, and you can get a vivid idea about the same. For level 60 and above, this is one of the most necessary mods, and you are going to have a seamless experience with this.


The modern World of Warcraft has made an excellent addition where there are markers of quest and objectives to the mini maps and the world maps. If you are crossing that area, you will get an idea about where to go. This feature can be accessed by the Classic version using the Questie Add-On. It marks the locations and objectives on the map. Though not perfect, it is more than what you can expect from any classic version.

Omni Classic

Do you want to add numbers to the countdowns? Here is Omnicc Classic to help you out. If you are utilising some spell or the ability in the Classic version, then a timer sweep is allotted on the button of the power, which shows you that what is the time next you can use the spells again. But this can be problematic, and Omnicc Classic obtains the solution to this.

There are thousands more exciting facts about Omnicc Classic. Let us dive into getting some answers.


1) What is Auctioneer? 

An add-on is the ultimate addon in the classic version, which helps you maintain a good fix in the auction house. They allow you to manage the entire auction process. Even if WoW classic lacks some functionalities, the Auctioneer addon may prove to be one of the extraordinary ones sufficing your interests.

2) What are some more addons for WoW Classic?

Let us name some more addons that you can search for. They are Deadly Boss, TomTom, Pawn, Weak Auras 2, Details! Damage Meter, All the things and many more. There are many more, but these are a few of the popular varieties.

3) What to do if Addons do not show up even after downloading?

Probably the incorrect procedure of extraction and saving into folders may be the reason for not showing up. They should be placed in proper locations so that you can directly access them. They should be available in the correct directory. So, check the above process mentioned in installation to install and use the addons successfully.

WoW is already an excellent game most people opt for. The classic version already has a plethora of features. Try excavating more addons from the list. With upgrades, varieties will change. Stay upgraded and make your gaming ground perfect!