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Is the Number of Female Gamers Increasing?

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Not so long ago, the majority of players were males, and most of the games were made for mens, but with time, things are changing. 

According to a statistic, for example, in the United States between 2006-2020 the percentage of females playing video games in 2006 was 36%, male gamers 62%. Over the years, these numbers changed with a significant 41% of females playing games where the males now represent 59%. Which means that we can see that we are soon reaching a 50/50 audience between men and women.

These numbers are not growing only between gamers, but also the video games themselves. We can see now developers are creating more games focusing on female characters as protagonists, and they are not just simple games, these are games where female characters are involved and usually mark the game Industry. 

We could see for example last year the game that took the Goty award, it was no other then Last of us 2, a game focused on a female protagonist adding that fact that she is lesbian, not just the industry game is focusing on female gamers but as well to the lgbt community. We can see more companies associated with games supporting this movement, as an example Sony, and other developers.

With the increase of the number of female players in all platforms, the number of cases of harassment on online matches are increasing as well. Nowadays the developers of games are trying to fight back these numbers, by adding options to report and give bans. Not just for harassment but for any type of bullying.

The worldwide statistic estimates that there are more than one billion and five hundred thousand gamers, which represents more than 20% of the world wide population. This regards betting platforms as well, such as the famous platform 22Bet. These numbers are expected to increase more with time, due to the fact that games no longer are made thinking just of men.