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5 Video Games That Are Being Adapted into Movies or TV Shows

There’s no denying the impact video games have on our culture, so it comes as no surprise that these games are being turned into movies and TV shows.

Some games are just too good not to adapt into films or TV shows and on the flip side, you have movies and TV shows that have inspired games.

If you are a game fanatic, then you need to check out these 5 video games that are going to be adapted into movies of TV shows.

Turning Video Games into Movies or TV Shows

Following the success of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, which was inspired by the story of the Detective Pikachu in the Nintendo 3DS video game, it seems more games are to be turned into live action entertainment.

Choosing a game console isn’t an easy decision when there are so many top quality games across many consoles.But whether you play your video games on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, or you are old school and prefer Sega Megadrive, you definitely will be able to identify incredible plot lines and potential in the games you play. Luckily, so have filmmakers who have or are in the process of making them into movies or TV shows.

1. Uncharted
Scheduled to be released in December 2020, Uncharted is based on Playstation’s popular series. In the video game, Uncharted stars Nathan Drake as the hero and the game if you haven’t played it is similar to the Indiana Jones franchise.

Tom Holland is set to play Nathan Drake in the film adaptation – which means that the movie will differ from the game due to the age gap. Holland is much younger than Drake, however, maybe this was all thought through and will ensure the movie isn’t just another Indiana Jones reboot. Whatever happens we are excited!

2. Monster Hunter
If you’ve ever played Monster Hunter, then you will know all about how to track, fight and capture a manner of beasts. Monster Hunter fans are in luck, as the movie is expected to be released in September 2020.

The movie will star Milla Jovovich, who is best known for playing Alice in Resident Evil. It is far to say that this film will be kick-ass (literally!)

3. Resident Evil
Speaking of Resident Evil, this video game has already been turned into a movie. But Netflix is going to turn it into a TV series. Just try to contain your excitement! The Resident Evil original Netflix series is currently in production and curious fans are at the end of their seats waiting to hear more news about it.

4. Minecraft the Movie
Where would the world be without Minecraft? With over 100 million copies sold worldwide, Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular games ever to be produced. And now it is getting its own movie. This movie has been struggling to find a director for several years, but Warner Bros announced in January 2019 that they had secured Peter Sollett to direct it.Unfortunately, you will have to wait a while for this one because Minecraft the Movie is set to be released March 2022.

5. Call of Duty
Even if you have no interest in video games, you probably have played Call of Duty at some point. Call of Duty is the best-selling video game franchise of all time and now it is set to get its own movie.

Call of Duty, which will be directed by Stefano Sollima, will feature combat and war but it might be within a modern day setting, as opposed to the video game which has the World War II setting.