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5 Ways to Download Music From YouTube!

In just a few clicks, you can easily download your favorite tracks directly to your smartphone or computer. YouTube music, like YouTube videos, is copyrighted. Direct downloads of content are not legal and can be considered piracy. We also don’t recommend that you violate the rules. YouTube music, like YouTube videos, is copyrighted. Direct downloads of content are not legal and can be considered piracy. 

We do not recommend violating the rules. These download methods can be used to download audio files with Creative Commons CC0 or CC BY licenses. You may also download your own music that has been previously posted on YouTube.

Sometimes we find ourselves liking a YouTube video and want it to be downloaded as an audio/video. YouTube’s offline download option doesn’t allow for you to transfer the file to other devices. YouTube’s offline downloading feature can only be used to view the downloaded video within YouTube. You can download YouTube videos, audio and playlists at YeetDL.

This means that you need an application or tool that can download the whole video or converted YouTube videos to be able to transfer them to other devices. Ytmp3 can be used to download YouTube videos and convert YouTube to Mp3 files. Apple’s mobile platform is also against downloading apps. Online services are your best option. Any iOS 13 or newer version can be used to access the services in this section. You can open them in Safari.

You can use the Documents app, which is free, instead of Safari, if you have iOS 12 or later. It comes with a built-in downloader and browser, so you can download music from any of the online services.

How to Download Music from YouTube Using Online Services?

1. Convertitormp3

Just copy and paste the YouTube video link into Convertitormp3, then click the “Convert”. If you wish, you can trim and adjust the track’s tags as well as choose the file name, cover, and other options.

Conv after www in your video URL will allow you to download the song directly from YouTube.


Y2Convert also works easily. Paste your video link, choose the bitrate and then click “Download”.

3. Y2Tube

Y2Tube scans the video link you provide and offers to download it in MP3 format.

It can also be used to download audio files directly from YouTube. Simply add mz following youtube to the address bar.

4. ytdownloader

It is the easiest way to download YouTube music. Just add a link on youtube downloader, wait a few seconds, and then click the “Upload files” button. There are no settings. The audio will be downloaded in its original format.