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6 Best YouTube Alternatives to Host Your Videos

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You may think that watching innocent videos doesn’t give out much information about you, but you’d be wrong. It’s surprising what proportion of data Google uses to know who you’re and what you wish or dislike. It’s time to require your privacy back and appearance for a YouTube alternative that doesn’t collect your data.Some people use VPN for streaming to watch the desired videos. 

Although YouTube is considered the most common of the video platforms for YouTubers to watch free videos online (especially since being acquired by Google). There are several YouTube best alternatives you don’t want to miss. These alternatives offer features that you might want for future videos – and they’re free! Not to mention that it’s more complicated than ever to urge YouTube subscribers.

Why you should look for YouTube alternatives

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to prevent video streaming websites from using some tracking. They all collect aggregated data to ‘improve their services or use cookies to gather data for marketing purposes. Some also share that data with their partners, and most of them will share your information in ‘special circumstances’ to fight fraud or when required by enforcement agencies.

Google does that too, so particular you have to bother trying to find YouTube alternatives?

You’re giving Google even more data, which adds to a sound more accurate ‘user profile.’ The alternatives above might serve you ads, but they won’t have far more than what you’ll provide them together with your profile.

You’re getting stuck within the ‘filter bubble.’ Google thinks it knows what you would like and serves you the search results that match your profile and interests—leaving the other information outside your ‘filter bubble.’

Broaden your horizons. Not all the top-quality videos that are available on the web are on YouTube. If you’re trying to find fresh ideas for a scientific project – why not check TED? Or even you wish old movies that you can’t find anywhere else – then inspect the web Archive.

6 Best YouTube Alternatives

Below you will know about that YouTube alternative that will serve the YouTubers with best features.


Utreon may be a video hosting platform that aims to become a genuine alternative to legacy video platforms like YouTube. You have no need to pay any streaming cost to use it. Its unique features and an easy-to-use UI have all been key to its growth since it launched in late 2020. Creators on Utreon can monetize their content through subscription revenue. And they can have access to many other monetization features within the near future. Utreon has many exciting features like an iOS app, live streaming, and community feeds.


Vimeo is another big video hosting platform in the USA. If you would like to seek out a replacement source of traffic for your website, Vimeo is often an honest place to upload your videos to the web. It’s tons of users and a natural ranking position on search engines. Vimeo’s goal is to make an environment that places quality over quantity. There are many high-quality short films and music videos submitted by the community to observe there. Vimeo has also published an app for Android and iOS for you to download. Mobile users can now start their Vimeo experience or check-in for an account anywhere. Like YouTube’s subscribe function, Vimeo’s is that opportunity for you to follow the channels (or users) you wish. It also allows other users to go away from comments.


Metacafe is another excellent best alternative to YouTube. Metacafe features a great system to make sure all uploaded videos are of top quality. And there are not any duplicates on their website. They also classify videos in several categories, including entertainment, sports, news, video games, movies, and television. Therefore, it can receive many unique viewers like YouTubers monthly. However, many of us aren’t conversant in Metacafe. That’s why we’ve rounded up several facts about Metacafe, which sum up why we believe it’s worth considering:

  • Metacafe is famous as the most important video-sharing site, with 2 million visitors a   month on average.
  • There is a gift system called Producer Reward Program that permits you to urge revenue from your videos.
  • You can get paid up to $5 per 1,000 visits from this program.
  • Sadly, your video must rack up 20,000 views to be eligible for this program.


Dailymotion is additionally a well-liked video-sharing service that will offer an excellent user experience even compared to YouTube. Dailymotion’s home page also shows trending videos, categories, and an inquiry bar. It will allow the user to look for video-supported tags and channels. You can also watch TV shows on it. It also features a clean and candid video player. Overall, it shows what proportion of work the professional developers have put into the Dailymotion UI. Dailymotion is understood to be YouTube’s poorer and darker brother. But it doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s still a formidable website. They rank at #124 on Moz’s list of the highest 500 websites.


You may not consider Facebook as a video-sharing website or as the best alternative to YouTube. However, Facebook may be a social media network that permits YouTubers and other users to upload and share videos. It will offer an intrinsically best player within the social network game. It’s no wonder that it’s a contest for YouTube. Uploading videos to Facebook is extremely simple and easy. There also are support tools that you can use to optimize your video, including tag thumbnails. Therefore, the choice to add a Meta description.

On top of that, you’ll upload HD videos with no downscaling. You’ll also make live videos on Facebook more manageable than on YouTube or other desktop platforms. Before you begin creating videos for Facebook, you’ll read and learn more from our social media video tips to urge better results. An open comparison between Facebook and YouTube isn’t fair. It is primarily a social media platform, whereas the opposite is merely for sharing video content. However, we will compare the two on their capabilities as video. It’s also worth noting that video posts on Facebook are weighted quite regularly by its latest algorithm.


Veoh is one of the simplest YouTube alternatives that allow users to upload and post videos with unlimited length. Veoh’s video player can also be embedded in any website. There’s an excellent deal for uploading full-length movies in Veoh. Moreover, it will offer a list of the favored video-sharing websites aside from YouTube. Every website has its own features and benefits. So choose one that matches your needs most.

Final Words

We hope that this streaming guide has shown you that there’s a good range of best alternatives to YouTube available online. Once you’ve chosen which one you’d wish to use, the subsequent step is to make an attractive thumbnail to amplify your engagement rate. Regardless of what platform you employ, an explainer video features a high potential to catch more eyeballs.