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6 Emojis That Suggest Great Intellect

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For more than two decades, emojis have helped humans achieve the ideal interaction. If you can’t say it with words, do it with pictograms! Emojis even add intensity to the conversation, making it seem sassier and much more exciting than it should. Emojis are more than mini illustrations now. You can even use these emojis to tell a story or a person’s capacity. 

Being brainy, intelligent, and wise are three different things. You can be book smart and street smart, but that doesn’t mean you are clever. While being perceptive of the world makes you wise, it does not necessarily mean you are smart.  

Sure, there are different emojis that describe emotions. But there are other emojis too that suggest intelligence, such as nerd smileys, scientific instruments,  and even a perfect score! Read on to know more about the six emojis that suggest great intellect.

1. Nerd Face Emoji

A bespectacled face is the first image that comes to mind when a person is described to be smart and intelligent. Their great curiosity and enthusiasm for knowledge earned them the title “nerd.” The word came from “nert,” the American slang word for someone intellectually inept. By replacing one letter, its meaning changed.

It is a little stereotypical to think that people wearing glasses have spent too much time reading. But this common stereotype made the nerd face emoji. It is a variation of the yellow smiley face emojis, except with glasses. The only differences are their smiles: some have buck teeth, while others have braces.

Some people add the nerd face emoji when they post something they know too much about. Meanwhile, some use this emoji to jokingly tease a friend about their immense knowledge.

2. Brain Emoji

The human brain is amazing. It can store data, keep memories, and make you envision events before they even happen. The reason why the brain is in our head is that it is the organ also responsible for sending signals to every part of our body. 

Though it does not have the same capacity as the actual brain, the brain emoji is available on the keyboard. It looks like the usual depictions of a brain in science books: pink with visible lobes. Some brain emoji versions include the brainstem, while most don’t.

One of the most common uses of the brain emoji is when you post about using too much of your brainpower while studying. A funny way to use the brain emoji is by adding it to a post about losing it.

3. DNA Symbol Emoji

The DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) structure is one of the first things you see in a science laboratory. Just the way it twists fascinates anyone who sees it. However, just because you see it all the time doesn’t mean you already know how the DNA works. What is commonly known, of course, is that human DNA is responsible for how your body functions and what you look like.

The colors of the DNA Symbol emoji depend on which platform you are using. What they do have in common is the twisting structure. There is not a lot of use for the DNA Symbol emoji. You can use it to say you are studying for exams. Adding the DNA emoji to a family picture is also a good way of saying: “It’s in the genes.”

4. 100% Emoji

There are not a lot of people who get a perfect score: those who pulled an all-nighter to study and those who are good at memorizing notes. Even if you stayed up all night studying, getting full marks still depends on how you will perform in the exams. But you have to admit, getting a high score is a great self-esteem boost when you feel like you are not smart enough.

The 100 emoji does the same job. There is barely any difference with how the 100 emoji looks across all social media platforms. It’s 100 in red letters with two lines underneath. This full marks pictogram is mostly used when something feels perfect. 

Some people use the 100 emoji to make a conviction. For example, they are sure that what the other person said was correct. Another way to use the 100 emoji is to give yourself full marks when you know you did something right.

5. Books Emoji

Reading is one of the most enjoyable things to do. It doesn’t require much preparation, and you can do it anytime. Depending on what you read, it also helps increase your vocabulary. It makes you smart and open-minded about the world too. There are different kinds of books you could read, and they include books on science, arts, geography, and even fictional ones.

The books emoji shows three different colored hardcover books stacked together, and no titles or subjects are written on the cover. This emoji suggests being studious and diligent. The books emoji looks barely any different depending on the platform. 

Show people you are working hard for your degree by putting the books, the nerd face, and 100% emojis on a post with the hashtag #StudyHard. You can also use the book emoji to a post saying you’d rather spend the weekend reading.

6. Microscope Emoji

Though there is still confusion on who invented the first microscope, it was the Dutch spectacle-maker Zacharias Jansen who has been credited for centuries. With the help of a microscope, we can see human cells and bacterias that were never visible to the naked eye.

Unfortunately, the microscope emoji does not have the same function. But the fact that this scientific instrument is included in the emoji keyboard recognizes the microscope’s contribution. The microscope emoji varies depending on the platform used.

Though there are not a lot of uses for this emoji, it’s safe to say that you can get creative with it. But still, you can use the microscope emoji to say that you are working on a scientific endeavor.


Being intelligent is not measured whether you are using emojis or not. After all, emojis are used to describe things or feelings that you could not find words for. You can use emojis in a literal and figurative sense. Check out the emojis you may have missed at!