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6 Reasons Why Concrete Floors Make for Better Flooring

Concrete floors have long been present in homes as dependable and minimalist flooring choices. But with the introduction of new materials and the resurgence of old ones, concrete floors have fallen slightly by the wayside in popularity. We don’t think that will last for long, though; in fact, you may have started to notice the resurgent creeping popularity of polished and rugged floors in home decor magazines, slowly but surely replacing bleached wood as the king of minimalist flooring.

Stamped concrete is a type of concrete that is made by pressing a steel mesh into wet concrete. The mesh is then stamped into the wet concrete with a heavy hammer, which creates an imprint of the mesh in the wet concrete.

But why do people always return to concrete floors? Whether it’s Texas or Los Angeles flooring, or Concrete Repair Services Milwaukee, there are six reasons why concrete floors are better than other more traditional flooring options.

Why do people prefer concrete?

1. Affordability

A big reason why people always come back to concrete flooring is its cost-effectivity. Because concrete is a relatively simple floor to install, with its one-material installation, costs are much lower than with other flooring installations that are more complex and time-consuming. But it is also cost-effective because concrete has so many other great advantages that make the cost more than worth it. This affordability does not just apply to the installation of concrete, either. Once sealed, concrete is durable and stain-resistant. That means that maintenance costs are likewise much lower than if you had wood or stone floors, both of which have complicated maintenance regimes.

Affordability in flooring is a big boon because it allows that money saved to go towards more important things in a home.

2. Customizability and Design Versatility

This may come as a surprise to many people who have a very narrow mental image of concrete, but not all concrete floors are grey and one-dimensional. In fact, decorative concrete techniques have existed since the middle of the last century. Decorative concrete techniques include concrete stamping, concrete staining, and concrete polishing. Each technique has a different advantage and addresses a different need. For texture and long-lasting design for both internal and external floors, concrete stamping is the best choice. Concrete staining is great for people who do not like the grey hue of concrete and want to make their concrete floors red, brown, black or almost any other color. But if you like the natural way concrete looks, elevate it with gloss and protect it from stains with a concrete polishing service.

No matter what kind of technique you choose for your property, you are guaranteed endless appearance choices for your concrete floors.

3. Modern and Minimalistic

Minimalism is a new hot home decor style that many people have in their homes. Its central tenet is simplicity, so it is no wonder that concrete floors have become almost synonymous with minimalist homes. Concrete floors in their bare or polished forms have a very aesthetically-pleasing and simple appearance that blends in well in homes that have eliminated clutter and have stuck to simple decorations and furniture. Because of its color, it looks inherently modern, something that other flooring materials cannot claim. This means that concrete floors go well in homes with modern design elements like high ceilings, large windows, and neutral minimal colors.

Tap into concrete’s great modern and minimalist look by contacting a concrete contractor in your area today to get started. Flooring in Los Angeles and elsewhere should not be complicated, so stick to concrete for results that last.

4. Durability

You might already know that concrete floors have incredible strength and resiliency, which is why industrial properties and commercial parking lots use concrete more than any other flooring material. So why not borrow that strength and durability to put it into your home? As any homeowner with concrete floors can tell you, a home with concrete underfoot is more resistant to stain damage, dents, and sudden costs when flooring goes wrong. With concrete floors, you have reliable flooring that won’t suddenly break or fall apart under the pressure of foot traffic or furniture. This further helps another advantage of concrete flooring that we have talked about: its cost-effectivity. When your floors are strong and healthy, you pay less in maintenance and you shouldn’t have to worry about any costly floor replacements in the near future. Of course, it isn’t totally indestructible, so you may find that you do need to call someone like this company offering Concrete Repair Services Milwaukee out at some point, but this will likely be few and far between the amount of times you would have to get someone out to fix another type of flooring.

5. Longevity

Because concrete floors are so durable, it is no surprise that they are also one of the most long-lasting flooring materials on the market. Concrete floors, when well-taken care of, can last for up to two decades or 20 years in near-perfect condition. And even when cracks start to form after 20 years have passed, there are many methods employed by concrete contractors that can revive older concrete floors. So what does it mean when your flooring has good longevity? First, it means that you are able to design your home for the long-term. Feel free to invest in pieces that complement your floors because those floors won’t be going anywhere for a long time. Second, how well a floor lasts is directly related to how much you will have to spend on flooring over your lifetime. Concrete floors last a long time so you make more savings over the course of the flooring’s lifespan.

When it comes to longevity, there is no better partner for the long-term than concrete flooring.

6. Easy to Clean

In the day and age where most of us live busy lives in and outside the home, the last thing we want to do is spend significant hours of our days sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing our floors to complete clean perfection. That’s where concrete floors come in. Naturally resistant to dust and dirt and stain-resistant, it is a breeze cleaning sealed concrete floors. So whether it is flooring in Los Angeles or elsewhere, cleaning will not be a problem. At most, concrete floors will need a dry or wet mop to remove stubborn dirt that has stuck to the floors. This is far less cleaning than is required for other materials. Additionally, concrete floors are hypo-allergenic in that pet hair can easily be swept up.

Don’t compromise on cleanliness but don’t spend hours cleaning – that’s the concrete way.