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6 Reasons Why You Should Love Fingerboarding 

A fingerboard is a miniature model of an actual size skateboard that an individual rides using their fingers than feet. Contemplating this, do you ever wonder why many people love practicing fingerboard as a sport? Many people outside the sport of fingerboading need clarification on why flipping a tiny wooden piece with the fingers is passionate. Considering the same, this article has been prepared regarding why a lot of people love doing fingerboard. 

Components of a Fingerboard 

Homogeneous to an actual skateboard, a fingerboard includes multiple components: 

  • Decks: Plastic or wood are the materials of choice for fingerboard decks. Like a real skateboard, modern and/or higher-quality decks have a distinct nose and tail. Popsicle decks, cruiser decks, and classic decks are a few examples of shapes. 
  • Trucks: Premium fingerboard truck is mainly mass-created from metal. However, there have been several fingerboard producers who manufacture several fingerboard trucks specially for this fantastic sport. 
  • Wheels: Polyurethane, also used in skateboard wheels, is the most common because it provides a firm grip. Wheels can be made of plastic, metal, or resin. 
  • Brushings: Fingerboard wheels make use of the same bearings as skateboard wheels. Similar to skateboards, their wheels are made of high-quality steel to ensure a smooth rotation. 

In addition to these, there are a lot more fingerboard parts that you can use to create your custom fingerboard. 

6 Practical Reasons Why People Love Doing Fingerboarding 

Why flipping a piece of wood is so cool is a mystery to many people. Professional fingerboard players love doing this sport due to the following reasons: 

It is a Mini Version of the Skateboard 

Even though you don’t have to be a skateboarder to enjoy fingerboarding, many skateboarder players love it and see it as a complement to their sport. Although many of the tricks are the same, custom fingerboard tricks allow you to defy physics and perform crazy stunts that are impossible on a skateboard! To make fingerboarding feel more like a miniature version of skateboarding, we have some cool accessories like Finger Shoes and Mini Backpacks! 

A Way to Learn Cool Tricks 

When you’ve been struggling to perform a new trick for months, nothing feels better than landing it! It’s more complicated than you think, but fingerboard players make it look easy! They suggest others use a premium pro fingerboard deck to perfectly land the trick. 

Fingerboards Can Be Customized 

There are no limits to what your fingerboard setup can look like! Teak gives you many options for bushing colors, fingerboard trucks, and wheels so you can make your ideal setup! In addition, you can even turn any standard fingerboard into a graphic deck with our pictorial wraps! 

It Can Be Done Anywhere 

You can ride on almost any flat and smooth surface with fingerboards because these fingerboards are pretty small in size! You can make a mini skate park out of your pro fingerboard deck, use household items as fingerboard decks, or find cool places to skate outside! 

It Can Make You Good Friends Across the World 

As fingerboarding isn’t widespread, you might have few friends in your area with whom you can fingerboard. But a lot of fingerboard players use 34mm fingerboard trucks, as well as 32mm fingerboard trucks, and make friends all over the world! You can shred with other fingerboards at in-person events or share your tricks online and make new friends from different countries and backgrounds. 

Customize Your Own Fingerboard 

You can only imagine things, but you can accomplish everything! You can always make and customize fingerboard and DIY the elements that are most interesting to you. The custom fingerboard, trucks, wheels, and decks come in various colors, allowing you to personalize your ultimate board. 

A Final Note 

Let’s end this article with the hope that this article has successfully taught you some practical reasons people love fingerboarding so much. A lot of people love fingerboarding as it is a miniature-level sport of skating boarding. These fingerboard players use pro fingerboard trucks and other parts to perform their expert tricks and techniques.