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6 Tips on Getting One of the Highest Paying Jobs in Washington

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The global pandemic has significantly impacted numerous industries worldwide. Employment trends are shifting from traditional on-site office jobs to remote working. Most employers introduced a work-from-home policy that is still being adopted today. A large percentage of people lost their jobs during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Washington was among the hardest-hit states that lost half a million jobs in April 2020. Now that the infection rates are reducing, it is the best time to apply for jobs in Washington State.

In this article, we shall delve into significant pointers for an effective job search, the employment outlook in Washington, and tips to help you get and keep a high-paying job.

What To Do When Preparing For A Job Search?

Scouting for a job requires adequate preparation. It is not enough to write a resume and apply for vacant positions.  You must have a specific and practical plan on how you will approach your job search for effective results. Therefore, ensure you have good skills to put on a resume that aligns with the desired job. Get exceptional resume help by resume helper online on Skillhub and capture your professional and academic qualifications accurately. 

Follow the essential pointers below before starting your job hunting process:

  • Track your local dailies and the internet for possible vacancies and current job market trends.
  • Take time to reconnect with your resume references – these people might make or break your employment opportunity.
  • Update your resume and find out other ways to improve it – should you put your picture on your resume? If yes, take professional photos.
  • Clean your social media platforms and eliminate any information that might compromise your job search. Today, employers do a thorough online vetting to know who they are hiring.
  • Keep an open mind and apply for remote opportunities also.

Washington Employment Outlook 

Each state has different economic backgrounds that depend on the industries, employers, and employment opportunities. Washington is among the largest states recording a stable and high GDP in recent years. 

The key drivers contributing to the robust economy include the retail and information service sectors. Other top industries with high employment rates in Washington are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Technology
  • Construction

Despite the impact of COVID-19, Washington’s employment rate stands at 6.7% as of July 2021. It is a significant improvement from the 8.1% in February 2021. It means more people are getting employed in various industries across the state.

The hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors currently record more employment opportunities after the decline of infection rates. Other promising sectors with job listings include transportation, manufacturing, and business services. The government is also top of the list in issuing employment to qualified residents.

Tips to Get a High Paying Job in Washington

Since Washington is a large state, the job market is quite competitive. Thus, you need to apply a strategic approach when seeking new roles and ways to maintain top-paying jobs. We have compiled a few insightful tips to help you land your dream job in Washington State.

Invest In Workshops and Seminars

Aggressive employees are usually top performers in their line of work. They are always willing to learn and take up new roles and responsibilities. If you have a job but are on the lookout for a promotion or greener pastures, you must initiate personal development. Therefore, attend workshops, seminars, and any company training available to refresh your skills. Whether it is a physical seminar or video conference, do not miss out on the opportunity. Such workshops usually have short courses on specific tasks, and the trainers issue professional certificates after completion. You never know, that certificate might be your ticket to a well-paying job.

Advance Your Education 

If you are lucky to have a decent-paying job but are looking for better roles, consider going back to school. Get that Masters or Ph.D. degree part-time while working. Many employers encourage their staff to advance their education. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra qualification on your name. When your dream job opens up, you will be ready to take up the new position. In addition, professional degrees and accredited certificates often attract higher pay.

Combine Your Skills

Today, employment trends are shifting due to the dynamics of technology. Companies are looking for individuals with diverse talents and skills. If you are a financial analyst with coding skills, you are better positioned to land a high-paying job in the job market. Do not let your skills become underutilized in your current position. You can approach your line manager and let them know of your other skill set and how it can benefit the company. Such an initiative can open career doors for you, and you might be on your way to a high-paying position within no time. Besides, combining skills is a practical way of getting an entry-level job for graduates.

Become An Expert

Landing a high-paying job does not come easy. You must establish yourself as a dedicated expert in your career. What steps are you taking to improve yourself? Remember, employers are always on the lookout for individuals who are the perfect fit for the advertised position. Therefore, you must set yourself apart from other applicants by becoming an unmatched expert.  You can take refresher courses, enhance your skill set, identify a mentor, practice more, and take extra responsibilities. Adopting this routine will help you access rewarding positions in your field of expertise. 

Build Leadership Skills 

Having leadership skills is an added advantage to many high-paying positions. If you are not born a leader, you can cultivate the skill daily. Take up roles in your current position to head specific projects and gauge your skills. You might surprise your employer with an impressive management personality. Therefore, do not be afraid of taking the lead; it is a way of cultivating the leader in you. Moreover, strong leadership skills are often rewarded in top-management positions.

Apply For Jobs

Do not hold yourself back if your current job does not have promising future prospects. Become a go-getter and check out job listings online or in the local dailies. Identify potential employers who are willing to offer better perks for your skills and qualifications. You are only one application away from landing your dream job. Therefore, expand your job hunting process and make it a routine to send a few applications every day. Research more on current human resources trends to better position yourself in a competitive job market. Finally, update and tailor your resume for each job you are applying for.

Getting a high-paying job in Washington should not be difficult. So, improve your skills and qualifications to become a perfect fit for your target roles. Become an expert in your career, and you will eventually land your dream job.