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How to Buy Property in Australia

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Are you thinking of investing in real estate abroad? Here are five reasons why Australia might be the land of dreams and opportunity.

Those interested in earning a tidy profit month on month could turn your attention to the property investment market. A good property investment portfolio can offer a good monthly income. However, after the recent property boom of 2020, buying property in either America or the UK has become problematic.

House prices are higher than they have ever been before. When compared back to the bubble we experienced in 2000 and three 2004, the housing market has boomed exponentially. There can be little discussion over whether this is a bubble or whether the rising trend and housing appreciation are here to stay. So what does this mean for property investors? It means that you must buy now if you want to be in on this appreciation and make money down the line.

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Foreigners can buy property in Australia.

Although some countries make it difficult for foreigners to buy property within their area, Australia has some procedures to handle this issue. You need to complete certain things, but as long as you have your paperwork in good working order, you should be able to hire a buyers agent Sydney to oversee your portfolio.

Here are some of the steps you will have to take if you want to buy property in Australia as a foreigner.

Step 1 – Complete FIRB Approval

If you want to buy property in Australia as a non-resident, you must seek approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board. Most applicants to this program are successful. If your property is under $1,000,000, the fee will be $5800 for each property. Some homes do not require FIRB approval. However, your buyer’s agent could advise you more on this.

Step 2 – Securing a Mortgage

You could seek preapproval on a mortgage just as you might do if you were buying a property inside the US. You can also seek to arrange a mortgage after the deal is done and you know which house you will buy. The choice is yours.

Step 3 – Striking the Deal

The next stage is finding the property you want to buy and making a deal with the seller. In Australia, houses are bought and sold using documents called contracts of sale. The details of these changes between States and provinces. Contracts take about six weeks to draw up.

Step 4 – Hiring an Inspector

Before the conclusion of your contract, you would be wise to hire an inspector. For example, in the USA, you would have a property appraisal and then a home inspection. In Australia, these two steps are not necessary. However, if you choose not to have a surveyor look over your property, you run the risk of inheriting severe problems down the line.

Step 5 – Moving Day

Once you have secured your property and signed the documents, you are free to move to the beautiful land of OZ. Enjoy!