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7 Creative Photography Techniques for Beginners

As a beginner, you need some training and experience before you can even consider buying a DSLR for satiating the photographer within. In the meanwhile, you can try and improve your skills further by learning more about certain creative photography techniques at Paul David Smith Photography. Most importantly, these tips and ideas are best accommodated using smartphones or iPhones and do not require any additional investment.

Here are 7 of the most interesting, creative, and easy to execute photography techniques that can pave the way for professional indulgence, in future:

1. Indulge in Pano Stitching

Better termed as the Brenizer Method, Pano Stitching is all about shooting smaller panoramas on your smartphone and compressing them to create a continuity of sorts. Therefore, if you have a decent mobile phone camera with a wider-aperture, this creative technique can be easily put to some good use.

For more information, take a look at the article on “The Exposure Triangle” from the Pixpa blog. It offers good information for photographers looking to take their camera out of the Auto mode.

2. The Spray Bottle Technique

If you are looking to take your creative aspirations to a new level, first check whether your smartphone is water-resistant or not! If yes, spray a few drops of plain water on certain parts of the lens, widen the aperture, and click an image that is vibrant and loaded with unexpected effects.

3. Try Longer Exposures

While this is a professional technique, mostly featured during the post-production stage, you can easily achieve the same with your smartphone or iPhone by restricting a specific part of the lens or blocking the partial view of the subject. The flash lighting then takes effect and produces effects that cannot be comprehended beforehand.

4. Free Lensing
You can readily achieve specific bleeding effects by clicking the image using a broken lens or a piece of transparent glass, as a filter. However, you must widen the lens aperture for allowing more light to enter the device and get the desired tilt-shift camera effect.

5. Shooting Flares
Flares, perspectives, and different compositions can be readily captured if you know how to use light sources to enhance the entire lighting of the room or the scene into consideration. This approach is most preferred if you want to create dynamic effects without any sizable investment.

6. Foggy Effect

Smoke or a polluted surrounding might just be your muse as a wider aperture would then help you click the most innovative image of your life while projecting the subject as a solitary entity and keeping the backdrop mesmerizing enough to draw attention.

7. Use Reflections, Wisely

If you have the latest iPhone with decent Bokeh and a set of shooting modes, you can use different surfaces for capturing reflections most aesthetically. For enhancing the creativity quotient, you can change the color of capture, by applying tint, monochrome, and other mobile-centric effects.

What stands out is that each one of the mentioned creative techniques can be implemented without having to gain a lot of technical background regarding photography. Once you can pull off each one of the mentioned techniques, you can go a step further and start saving for a DSLR and opt for a Hi Rise Camera instead.