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7 Essential Extensions For Joomla In 2021

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When a new business builds a website to cater to its customers, they must keep in mind some essential things to put on their website. These essential things can be achieved by several extensions available in the Joomla Extension Directory (JED).  

If you want to take your business website to a new level, this extension will help you correctly present your website’s content, images, and SEO. 

But how will you decide which are the best ones to use? Or you may be left in a dilemma of choosing the extension that provides security to your customers? 

Every day a minimum of five extensions are added to the JED. There are more than 7000 extensions currently available in the Joomla extension directory for you to choose from. If you choose the right extension that it’s your need, it will make your life a lot easier.

Let’s look at the 7 best extensions that are indispensable to the websites of 2021.

  • Akeeba Backup

Akeeba backup is an award-winning Joomla extension. As the name suggests, this extension is used for taking a backup of your website. However, the extension has more than one purpose. You can use this extension to transfer your files to another Joomla competent server. The extension does the job so swiftly that you don’t need to re-configure your website after transfer. To avoid any time out, the extension uses AJAX. 

Therefore, you can sit back and relax while transferring your site to another server. The backup process is also straightforward. You can take a complete backup of your website with just a click. Moreover, it lets you choose from a high functional JPA or ZIP format. Overall, it is an essential extension for your website that enables you to back up your files, images, and databases.

  • Advance Module Manager

Advanced module manager, you now have the power to manage your site peacefully. The default Joomla manager restricts you from utilizing some options. But Advance Module Manager gives you greater flexibility while assigning Menus, categories, URLs, Homepages, etc. It is a simple yet powerful tool that will help you to organize the back-end of your website. You can even use tags to categorize your articles. All in all, it is a useful extension for modern Joomla websites. 

  • Shack Forms

If you are the owner of an online casino or any other website like  requiring users to input their personal information, you need a form. Shack Forms is an excellent form extension for the Joomla-based website. It is pretty straightforward yet classy. It comes with many layouts that make your form attractive. 

You can customize your form with various types of effects And styles to go with your website theme. You can use Shack Forms as a pop-up on your website or get the users’ contact details. Thousands of users highly recommend the extension due to its flexibility and user-friendliness.

  • JoomSEF

To bring traffic to your website, you need high-grade Search Engine Optimization of your website. JoomSEF is an easy-to-use yet powerful and functional extension that will help you rank high on Google search results. The extension generates easy and understandable URLs for users and also for the search engines. 

Therefore, your website pages are easily indexed by the search engines and reach potential traffic. The extension is also capable of generating metadata, and it is easily compatible with other Joomla extensions such as AdsManager, Contacts XTD, AlphaContent, and others. You can even customize the 404 not found page with this extension. 

  • CoalaWeb Traffic

This free Joomla extension is a valuable tool for your website. Businesses that dwell on regular customer visits need to know about the customer needs. This extension helps websites or businesses monitor the traffic that is visiting their website. From there on, they can monitor user behaviors and subsequently make changes to suit their customers. 

Every business needs to know what they’re customer wants from their website. Having an organized and powerful extension that gives them the list of traffic with essential details helps build a healthy community. The extension allows you to check the operating system, browser, browser version, time, and date of the visiting user. It is free to use. So, don’t wait. Install this one as soon as possible.

  • Xpert Content

If you are a blogging site or a content marketplace, you have to deal with many articles. The main headache is organizing those articles into proper categories. Moreover, to attract visitors to your website, you need to have a lucrative display to keep the user on your website for a longer time. Xpert content provides you with a whole host of pre-installed layouts, themes that you can use to display your website articles. Upon installing the Xpert Content extension, you will notice that your website contents are being displayed more attractively. 

  • JCH Optimize 

The last essential extension in our list is JCH Optimize. This extension is beneficial if your website is running very slow. JCH Optimize optimizes your website to make it faster. It does so by doing some necessary steps. The most important is combining the JavaScript and CSS files to eliminate multiple HTTP requests. 

Moreover, its optimizing techniques help to enhance your website structure. As a result, your website is rated highly in search engine crawlers, and consequently, it ranks higher on the search list. This extension is straightforward to use and helps to improve the download time. A Joomla site owner must have this extension installed. 

The Bottom Line

Improving the structure of your website and showing your content more efficiently is essential in this competitive market. Moreover, the additional security, SEO, and other features contribute to the site-building necessary to make your website stand out. If you are a business that needs a lot of traffic on your website, then you must have these extensions installed on your Joomla website.