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How to Set Up a Second Router With Verizon FiOS

Fiber Optic Service by Verizon is getting popular for its definitive and ultra-fast speed. It is the fastest available service, and that is something that probably you all know about, right? But what you might wonder about its multiple setups, i.e. with another router.

You aren’t getting the most out of your router if you don’t know how to set up a second router with Verizon FIOS. Therefore, if you are still searching for a valid and step by step guide, this is going to be worth-reading information that will assist you throughout the router pairing!

Here are the steps you need to follow for your best router for Verizon FiOS!

Connection of The Router On Primary Router

So, from the first or primarily router, firstly plug that Ethernet cable into your router where the color-coded ports are. After plugging that yellow Ethernet wire into the wall Ethernet outlet, plug on the router so that it can have power to initiate the wireless process.

Now open the computer and get access to the internet settings to see the appearing networks. However, the settings are also written on the router’s backside, in case you are wondering about it.

The router device should be appearing as ESSID, and you can use the WPA2 as password. You can also visit for the whole setup process.

Connecting the router

Now, in your computer system, simply go to ‘Start’ and then type ‘Run’ and then type ‘cmd’ and hit ‘Enter’. A new black-window should pop open, i.e. command prompt.

Write in the cmd

In the command prompt window, type in ipconfig and press enter. Make sure to note the subnet mask and default gateway in the first place.

Disconnect the system

Now that you’ve configured the IP, disconnect the computer from the FIOS router.

The Ethernet cable

After that, connect the Ethernet cable between an open LAN port (that has already been tagged on the router from the given four ports) to the second router; you wish to pair it with your computer.

Open the web browser

You can see the outer interface address on the user’s manual or the user guide which is useful for this step! After connecting the Ethernet cables, open up the web browser and type that router’s interface address correctly. The format follows 192.168.X.X, as a rule of thumb. One thing to keep in mind is that the ‘default’ or the ‘preset’ login is “admin” whereas the password is usually kept as __ “password”!

For The Secondary Router Setting Up

Generally, security is one of the main concerns when you want to add the second router. However, heavy internet data usage is also common, which is why there is a need to add a second router to the Verizon FIOS in the first place.

Navigate it

Traverse that IP address area towards the router interface with the help of ‘Basic Settings’. However, the setting may differentiate and name may vary. Therefore read the title carefully before actually applying the action, just in case!

Navigate to the IP Address section of the router interface. This is usually under “Basic Settings” or something similar.  Now select the option in order to use the static IP address.

Type in the IP address

For the IP address, type You can replace the digit 5 by the number less than 254.

Take info from subnet

Now it is time to type the information from the subnet mask and default gateway that is already written on the FIOS router. After typing, ‘Enter’ and apply settings. Since we are talking about the internet and technology, take a screen-shot of the Gateway and Subnet Mask information for later on use!

Now detach the plug of Ethernet cable and attach it to the second router while taking a note of the IP address as well. You can find that on the back side of the FIOS router.

Shut down the systems

Lastly, disconnect the computer power; preferably shut it down, from the FIOS’s router and the second router. This step is crucial to ensure the application of setting from the core.

After that, reconnect the Ethernet cable from the four LAN ports on the FIOS router to the WAN or internet port (by whatever name the port is).  Now turn on the routers and enjoy the fastest FIOS Verizon at home or office!

Although, the setting up of dual routers with the Verizon FIOS internet connection isn’t a tough process, yet it readily depends on the manufacturer of the router.

Sometimes it may create IP issues with the FIOS router, where two devices of similar internet connection have the same network address as well.

But changing the IP address of the new router assists greatly for FIOS. Technology beats technology!