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7 Reasons To Buy RDP With Windows 10

Windows 10 brings a lot of features. In this article, we will review some of the most important features of the latest version of Windows to know why it is better to upgrade your RDP OS to Windows 10. You may have heard that for some people, working with Windows 10 is scary. But if you have a personal experience working with Windows 10, that experience will be very enjoyable for you Features like face recognition, touch screen support, multiple desktops, quick access to File Explorer, and even the Edge browser enhance your day-to-day experience of Windows 10.

The bottom line, though, is that Windows 10 has made significant progress on most critical factors such as speed, security, user interface, compatibility, and software tools. This OS is designed to be familiar to Windows 8 users. Also, it uses more mouse and keyboard than Windows 8 by increasing access to software in the start menu. However, Windows 10 would be a good choice for those looking for real-time performance, security, and more advanced features in Windows 8 and 8.1.

Windows 10 unveiled a major update on its one-year anniversary. Windows is free for up to a year, but then you have to pay $ 119.99 for the home version and $ 199.99 for the professional version. If you have already upgraded your device to Windows 10, the Windows update will be free after one year, and if you buy a new computer, it will probably come with a new operating system. You can also access both new and old versions of Windows by purchasing portable (USB) installers from Microsoft’s physical and online stores.

Note: If you want to buy cheap RDP, you can buy it from limited providers that provide licenses for Windows 10 for free.

Note that the new operating system has removed some features that were not used by the Windows audience. Things like Windows Media Center, desktop gadgets in Windows 7, and more. The main reason for upgrading Windows, in addition to all the features mentioned, is to take advantage of compatibility with newer technologies. You can also easily enjoy the experience of working with a new and functional environment. Several of the following are some of the features of Windows 8.1. But one important goal in using Windows 10 is that you can easily learn how to work with Windows. From this perspective, Windows 10 is one of the best operating systems available.

What Are The Windows 10 Features?

In this article, we have prepared the benefits of Windows 10 for you, which will surely be attractive to you. Let’s review one by one.

1. Increase The Speed Of The Operating System Using Windows 10

One of the most important features of Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 is the startup time of Windows compared to previous generation operating systems. There are videos comparing these speeds that show Windows 8.1 running faster than the Mac OS x on the MacBook. Microsoft’s newer operating system is also much faster than Windows 7. Another goal of acceleration, which is mainly targeted at PC games, is the use of 12DirectX, the new 3D engine, which provides a high level of attractive performance for game developers.

2. Start Menu

The tech community has strongly protested the introduction of a start page instead of a start menu in Windows 8. They asked Microsoft to return the start menu to Windows. Interestingly, these same people made fun of using the Start menu when it first appeared in Windows 95. By the way, Microsoft has restored this menu to Windows 10. The functionality of this plugin is based on a box like display and you can get new information from live display in different boxes. These boxes also allow Windows Touch to be enabled.

3. Global Programs

If you are running Windows 7, you do not have an App Store. Windows 10 lets you find the software you need for large and small tasks and run your programs in a window or full screen. These programs run on their sandboxes, so they are safer to use than older windows. They also collaborate with the system by providing notifications in the Notification Center and internal sharing. For example, a photo app can access the Instagram app using the standard share button. Windows 10 is also optimized for more powerful and efficient software and media such as Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail, and Calendar. These programs can be run on Windows with just one click or one touch.

4. Notification Bar

Your smartphone publishes notifications for text messages, updates, and even the latest news. Why can’t the computer do this? This OS can do this. Like Notification Center on Mac X, Windows 10 Notification Center can announce your emails or software updates for your system software. You may see a weather alert or a birthday reminder. The advantage of these notifications over Windows 8 and 8.1 is that you can go back and look at the notifications you missed. (Unless you turn them off completely.) These notifications disappear quickly in Windows 7.

5. Better Browsing

Known as the Spartan Project, Microsoft Edge is the default browser for the Windows operating system that brings you into the modern world of browsers. This means improving browser compatibility and speed, as well as adding some useful new features such as bookmarking websites and a convenient reading mode. The Edge browser has been shown to consume less battery power on laptops than the Chrome browser. In the new Edge update, there are new plugins such as LastPass and AdBlock to deal with unwanted ads and pages.

6. Operating System Security

This OS inherits its security from Windows 8 and is even more secure than Windows 8. This requires that the software and hardware components of Windows components be run properly. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 PCs can bypass this feature during startup. The other three security features for Windows 10 are Device Guard, Microsoft Passport, and Windows Hello.

7. Virtual Desktops

For years, Linux and Mac users have been able to switch between multiple virtual desktops. Windows 10 was finally able to provide this feature for the Microsoft desktop operating system. In Windows 10, this feature is very easy to use, and you can click or tap (on the touch screen) on the switch icon next to the Cortana search box in the taskbar.


Which operating system you choose for your RDP server depends on how you use the server. RDP users usually use this service for web browsing or do their daily chores. In this case, to buy RDP with Windows 10 operating system and at least 4 GB of RAM will be the best option. But if you want to configure your server, for example, if you want to use the ISS service, it is better to use versions of the Windows server.