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5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Social Media Status

Your social media status holds a significant impact as you strive to grow your brand. However, scaling the ladder isn’t as straightforward as you might initially anticipate. It takes time and effort to develop a significant following, build a healthy and reputable presence, maintain it, and emerge as a top social media personality. You can, however, employ certain hacks to fast-track the process. As social media presence continues to prove its importance in today’s online driven world, many services have emerged that facilitate your accounts’ smooth growth. From social media managers to sales services delivering genuine followers and likes, for example, you can find a lot in the competitive market to ease your quests. As you consider the best approaches, here are practical steps you can employ to increase your social media status.

Complete profile

Among the most overlooked concepts is the importance of completing your profiles on various platforms. Each platform offers an excellent opportunity to showcase your unique attributes, and ensuring that your profile is complete goes a long way in enhancing your credibility.

Know the audience

Each social media platform requires a different approach, noting that they attract different user demographics. For instance, you can’t amass a significant following on LinkedIn if you follow the same strategy you utilize on Instagram. Understanding the platforms and using practical measures, such as ensuring that your time-sensitive content is appropriately hash tagged on Twitter, makes all the difference, as you can target and attract the right followers to your social media account.

Consider pro services

Various social media services could help you fast-track the process as you endeavor to improve your status. Buying genuine Instagram followers and likes, for example, eases your quest to amass a significant following. A huge following gives your account credibility. With likes, shares, among other reactions, you can comfortably grow your account. This is because such a following invites other users, noting that the first impression is among the essential attributes that could make or break your endeavors to improve your social media status.

Be social

Many users overlook the “social” in social media, a costly mistake that can quickly ruin your progress. Having an account is not only about uploading content and waiting for users to react. You also have to engage with your followers to foster productive relationships that facilitate extensive network development. Comment, like, share, among other reactions to make the followers feel appreciated and as a part of your brand. Don’t shy from controversial like best only fans to follow or negative comments. Firmly but professionally respond to them, as that an opportunity to improve your reputation. Actively engaging with your followers might not be a walk in the park. Still, with social media services such as professional managers, you can lower the workload and dramatically improve your status.


Don’t assume that your Facebook followers know that you have a Twitter account. Cross-promoting your accounts could considerably improve your social media status, yet it isn’t that demanding. Linking the accounts and cross-sharing takes a few clicks. With consistency, cross-promoting could prove to be a valuable hack as you endeavor to improve your social media status.

Growing a significant following on social media is not a straightforward quest, but you are a step closer to a successful pursuit with the above steps.