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7 Secure Steps To Unlock Your PDF File Using PDFBear 

In today’s times, working online and maximizing the digital space became important to keep the economy—the world—running. With this said, using PDF files has been one of the norms in sharing documents. Some even lock it to protect the contents of the file. But, now that you have locked your PDF, how would you unlock it? What if you need to share it with a large group of people? Are you looking for a free PDF converter? Encrypting that PDF may not be practical. 

That is why today, we offer you eight easy steps to unlock PDF so you can be productive and utilize your documents!

1. Check for a reliable app or site online. 

When you are locked out of your PDF file, one of the most convenient ways to open it again is to rely on online sites or apps which can unlock PDF. When you do some research, you will be introduced to a wealth of online sites that can open your locked PDF. However, not all websites here are secure and free. You must check for a reliable site that can vouch for your security, specifically PDFBEAR.

PDFBear has served millions of netizens worldwide and has never been disappointed. It offers the utmost security in safeguarding your PDF files from hackers. It also removes your password from Cloud that means that you are truly safe.

2. Check the security of the tool. 

Once that you have chosen a reliable site, you must skim through or study the terms and conditions or the security that they offer. It is also good to check reviews. Hackers work hard these days that you have to be careful with what you access online and with what you upload. There are a lot of reported stakes that come along with your document being hacked. PDFBear has always been the trusted online PDF unlocker because it safeguards your password and does not store passwords on Cloud.

3. Click Choose Files. 

If you have already chosen PDFBear, its instructions are as easy as 1-2-3! First, you only have to click on the “Choose Files” option. From here, you will be redirected to your folders. You can choose the right PDF files that you want to be unlocked here. PDFBear ensures that unlocking your PDF can be safe and convenient at the same time!

Aside from uploading the file, you can use the Drag and Drop on the upload box. If you are in a hurry, the PDFBear has an upload box to which you will have to drag your files from another window. With this, you have to keep the window where your document is placed ready.

4. Enter the password. 

Now that you have chosen your files, a dialogue box will appear. You will type in your password from this dialogue box. When you type in your password, make sure that you have put in the right characters for your PDF unlocking to be easy and simple. PDFBear has a password removal feature that will keep you safe from malware or other viruses. PDFBear is a secure environment that ensures your passwords are for you to see.

5. Click Unlock PDF. 

Once you have typed in your password, you only have to unlock your PDF. Unlocking PDF files allows you to finally view the PDF file without the hassle of typing in the password. While locking PDF files offer the utmost security, it can sometimes be bothersome, especially when you are in a hurry. Luckily with PDFBear, unlocking your PDF would not take that much time.

6. Wait for the website to decrypt the file.  

Wait for your trusted site to decrypt your locked PDF. This is now where their system takes care of your PDF file. Some files can be stubborn and can be more complicated to unlock. However, most files can be unlocked by reliable sites such as PDFBear. Just make sure that you have the right password, so you would not encounter any more problems. Decrypting PDF files usually takes about a few seconds, depending on the size of the document.

7. Download your file!

Now that your PDF file is decrypted, and all set, just one click on the “Download” option, and you are all set! You can check on your Downloads folder for your unlocked PDF file. Depending on your internet connection and on the file size, downloading would only take a few seconds, if not, maybe a minute or two.

Keep your documents safe!

There you have it! That is all you need to do to decrypt an unlocked PDF. Unlocking a PDF makes it more convenient for people to share the document without the need of sharing the password. Especially when you are sharing it with a large number of groups. Check out PDFBear to unlock your PDF files!