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How To Open A Locked PDF File Online

Everyone has been so busy today doing work online. We do almost everything online: from work and study to leisure and entertainment. With this, one of the most preferred ways of sharing documents and other information is by saving it as PDF and securing the PDF file with a lock. If you are not quite familiar with this, the internet world would have answers. Here are the steps on how you can unlock PDF online! With this, you can now open your documents and start working.

1.   Go to PDFBear

The best thing to do when you have a locked PDF file is to go to reliable online sites or apps that can unlock your PDF, like PDFBear. Google might have a lot of options for you, but not all sites here are proven to be secure. Not to mention, not all are free. Therefore, we vouch for the use of PDFBear.

This site has already proved itself secure by serving millions of users worldwide. So far, users have always been satisfied. It can assure the optimal security in guarding your PDF files from hackers. It also removes your password from Cloud, so these passwords would no longer be accessible or are not saved from any data gathering platform.

2.   Test the security

It is quite important to be strict with the security of the site you are planning to use in unlocking your PDF file. Try skimming through the terms and conditions or check for security features. Checking the reviews would also do the trick. These days, hackers have become skilled and can make their way through almost anything. Therefore, today calls for more cautiousness in uploading files or choosing the sites you trust. A lot of things can happen once your document becomes hacked. With this, PDFBear’s brand has always been its safeguards regarding unlocking PDF files. It has always been a trusted site to unlock PDF online.

3.   Click “Choose Files”

If you are going to unlock PDF online with PDFBear, its instructions are easy to follow! Just click the “Choose files” tab then choose the file you want to unlock after being redirected to your folder. PDFBear gives you the assurance for a safe and easy unlocking.

4.   Drag your files and drop on the upload box

Use the upload box on the PDFBear layout by dragging your files from a separate window onto the box. Doing this offers you the utmost convenience because you would not be lost anymore from all those folders in your documents. You just need to prepare the window that will contain all your PDF files needed to be unlocked.

5.   Type in your password

After choosing the files, you will be welcomed by a dialogue box on which you would input your password. Just make sure that you will enter the right characters when trying to input your password. This is so your experience would be easier and simpler. You need not worry about your password being saved because PDFBear offers a password removal feature that will block malware and viruses from affecting your password. This is a secure environment that will ensure that your password can only be seen by you.

6.   Choose “Unlock PDF”

Typing in the password will allow the system to take it from there and unlock your PDF. This allows you to view your locked PDF. Though locking PDF files will give you the optimal security, it can be a long and tiring process over time, especially when you are rushing. Good thing, PDFBear unlocks your PDF files fast.

7.   Allow system decryption

Wait for PDFBear to decrypt your file. Its system now works its way to unlocking your PDF file. It may be true that some files take longer and are more complicated to unlock. But with reliable sites like PDFBear, most of these files can still be unlocked. The key here is that you know the right password, so there would not be any problems. PDFBear only needs a few seconds or a minute or two, depending on file size and your internet connection, before it can decrypt your file.

8.   Download your unlocked PDF File

Just click the “Download” option once PDFBear has unlocked your PDF file. You will now see your unlocked PDF file in your Downloads folder or in any other folder that you directed it to. Downloading would not take much time if you have a stable internet connection.

Choose a reliable site like PDFBear

When entrusting your files to sites or to any other apps, make sure that the platform you are choosing is truly reliable. Sometimes, one’s data is used against them. With this, you need to be cautious and apply the right security steps available.