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7 Ways to Leverage Facebook Live Streaming Functionality for your Business

You are in good company if Facebook’s 24-hour streaming platform is something you swear by for business-centric activities. While Facebook Live is one of the more accessible socializing tools for individuals, they also have a massive entrepreneurial outreach, best characterized by the inclusion of the ‘Continuous Live’ feed enhancement. 

How Facebook Changed the Streaming Game?

It all started with the 90-minute streaming window, which restricted the functionality to a more personal level. However, the 24-hour support for live videos is something that seems more appropriate in the post-pandemic era. While this feature was launched way back, it has started getting the attention it deserves as businesses now have restricted budgets and resources to rely on more celebrated launches. 

However, the 24-hour streaming functionality doesn’t stand for a 24-hour window. Instead, it allows you to stream content for 4 to even 8 hours of select devices, at any time of the day. 

How Businesses are set to benefit from this Functionality?

Before we take this conversation ahead, it is important to note that at present, close to 93.7 percent of businesses are already on Facebook. While this showcases the faith businesses have on this social media platform, even customers prefer Live Videos as compared to pre-uploaded snippets, with the former getting 300 times more viewing time. 

Besides, almost 52 percent of the live streaming fanatics prefer social media channels as relevant applications can now be side-loaded on streaming devices, smart TVs, and other relevant platforms. Therefore, even if the consumer doesn’t have a smartphone to check the live streaming over Facebook, he or get started with a jailbroken Firestick to experience any kind of Facebook content.

 Not just that, streaming has become far more accessible with streaming devices like Fire TV Stick and Roku, as businesses can even broadcast the same as relevant IPTV services. Regardless of the fixation, it is necessary to have a streamer in place that supports third-party social media applications with or without workarounds. 

Now that we are aware of the trends, it is necessary to enlist the strategies that businesses can use to benefit from the live streaming support and how even these older hacks seem to be making sense in 2021. 

1) Amplify Customer Expectations

Facebook live streaming service is a good way to channelize business expectations, especially from the customers’ perspective. This means, even if customer movement is restricted, businesses can Live Stream product launches or offer a sneak peek into the upcoming products to generate curiosity. Besides, businesses that are aware of the customer pain points can also highlight the mitigation plans in specific streams, for building brand credibility. Not just that, live streaming allows you, as a business owner, to share a new idea with the customer base, immediately upon inception.

Suppose you are a hotel owner trying to recuperate after the dismal pandemic-induced spell. You can use the live streaming facility to showcase the steps taken to keep the threats at bay whilst making the accommodation pleasant enough for the prospective travelers. 

2) Offer Customer Care Solutions

If you haven’t envisioned a live streaming customer support team, you are still living in the Stone Age! While round-the-clock customer support has already been around for a long time, video-centric ones are rare and highly personalized. Besides, streamed videos are expected to get rid of customer problems faster as they offer hands-on expertise. Not just that, the Q&A sessions, as conducted by several brands over live streams are already popular in the entrepreneurial circuit. 

3) Promote Online Courses

Businesses inclined towards education, eLearning, and curated courses or instructor-led modules can make the best use of the live streaming functionality. Besides, the streaming window is more or less perfect for online courses, hands-on videos, and other forms of interactive content.

Besides, any business that deals in some form of instructional content can rely on Facebook’s live streaming feature. 

4) Be More Transparent

Believe it or not, empathy marketing will be a thing in the post-pandemic era. However, businesses can take this trend and amalgamate the same with live streaming potential to gain trust and enhance the brand image. For instance, if you own a bakery, you can allow the customers to choose the preferred cake by arranging a live streaming session. Once the customer chooses the cake, precisely by viewing the same in 360-degree, you can customize the same, get it packed, and eventually deliver the same in almost no time.

Furthermore, you also broadcast saved videos like these and engage better with the prospective customers, whilst ensuring that they get exactly what they see. To engage more customers, you can purchase FB likes these days. It’a quick and effective solution 

5) Expedite Sales

While there are several hidden perks of leveraging Facebook live streaming, expediting sales and generating revenue are the most straightforward and obvious ones. As a product or service-centric brand owner, you can always flaunt the good and great things about the offerings to push online and offline sales. Although pre-recorded videos can also do the same thing, live streams have customer trust by their side.

6) Reveal Project Status

With real-estate marketing picking up steam, promoters and builders can categorically rely on the live streaming feature to showcase the status of certain residential and commercial projects. In addition to real-estate developers, this attribute can be handy to several sporting consortiums and authorities that are already planning events in 2021.

7) Connect with Customers for Suggestions

Businesses that are planning to launch newer products, SaaS solutions, and innovative offerings can use the live streaming platform for connecting with loyal customers in real-time, precisely to get inputs, feedback on the prototype, even crowdsourcing ideas that are relevant to the product. 

In addition to these techniques, Facebook live streaming can also be used to initiate product launches, demo sessions, and service unveiling in the post-pandemic era. While you can always head over to other social media platforms for your targeted preferences, Facebook is probably the most cohesive platform for getting the job done. 

Besides, the live streaming bandwidth over Facebook is such that you can use the same for accommodating almost every business process, sans performance-centric issues.