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73rd Golden Globe Awards Pick’Em Game

With the Golden Globe Awards taking place on Jan. 10 on NBC, here is your chance to predict who and what will win at this Pick’Em Game!

Only registered members of Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ can play. You must be logged in to any one of those social accounts in order to play.

The winner of this game will be the player with the most correct predictions.

The player with the earliest submission time will break any ties for the lead.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, January 10, 2016 @ 8 p.m. EDT/ 5 p. m. PDT

All award categories are available within the below widget. Immediately after selecting your prediction in a category, the subsequent category will then appear.

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The game was available at every article on this website in the right-hand side bar on desktop browsers. It is also available at the bottom of each article’s page on mobile browsers.

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Written by Douglas Pucci

Douglas Pucci (a.k.a. “Son of the Bronx”) has worked with Mr. Berman for more than a decade. A Bronx native, NYU graduate and once-intern for VH1's "Pop Up Video," Pucci went on to design, build and maintain websites for various non-profit organizations in his hometown of New York City. He also contributes to the sports website Awful Announcing.

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  1. In case anyone had any doubt about the ability of the networks to buy nominations with a nice little PR campaign, the fact that the golden globes nominated hilariously poorly-made Mr. Robot, as how roundly rejected by the few who tried to watch it for an award is proof enough.

    It’s also a symptom of all that hails Hollywood when incompetently-made product is regarded as great in spite of its complete failure both artistic and commercial.

      • Which tends to explain my lack of respect for critics in general. How can you acclaim a poorly-made show?

        I mean when you’re using incoherent framing in every scene for no other reason that to pretend you’re artsy, it’s nothing to give acclaim to…

        When I see that I can only conclude that either they know nothing about filmmaking or that they’re easily swayed in their opinions by the PR campaign (as it seems USA has decided shows audiences don’t want to see is what they want to be known for).

        Nothing against Christian Slater who’s a wonderful actor. I just wish he’d finally make a TV show I can watch. 😉