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New Syndicated Quarterly ‘Tapping In’ Launches

Linda Swain Hosts; Clearances at 80 Percent of the Country

“Tapping In,” a new syndicated four-part adventure television series, hosted by Emmy Award-winning host and producer Linda Swain, premieres tomorrow in a number of cities across the country.  Included is New York (WNBC), Chicago (WRC), Philadelphia (WPVI), Dallas/Fort Worth (WFAA), San Francisco (KQSL), Boston (WHDH), Houston (KUBE), Detroit (WXYZ), Seattle (KING) and Phoenix WPHO).  Produced by Swain Entertainment and syndicated by Steve Rotfeld Productions (“Awesome Adventures”), “Tapping In” airs in 80 percent of the country.  Four quarterly episodes are scheduled in season one.

The logline: “Tapping In” engages the viewer to tap into options of what stirs the soul to find their own true happiness.  As co-founder of one of the world’s leading travel companies, Swain will travel to spectacular places abroad and in the United States to showcase people and places with compelling stories that get to the root and show ways to obtain happiness for our own lives. 

Episode one, subtitled “Humankind,” features guests Deepak Chopra and Shannon Elizabeth as Swain travels to South Africa to the great port city Cape Town located on the shore of Table Bay. Its center point, Table Mountain, one of the new 7 Wonders of the World, sets the scene for a thrilling adventure including an inspiring climb and a daunting repel down from one of the highest repels in the world.