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8 Most Popular Jobs in IT That Are Gaining Even More Momentum

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Technology professionals are in high demand today. As the market continues to grow, the trend is here to stay. The global market is understaffed, that’s why outsourcing and remote work rates grow as well.

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AI/Machine Learning Engineers

It is one of the most rapidly developing sectors of IT now and the demand for specialists is huge. Overall, medium-level employees earn about $146,000 annually. AI and machine learning are on top because automation is the focus of the industry now.

So, what is this about? As the title suggests, people working in this field design and train models using big data. These models can be trained in image recognition, economic forecasting, or working with a language. One will need a BA in AI and Machine Learning or Computer Science. It also involves strong coding skills in Python, Java, or C++.

Data Scientists

Big Data is also gaining momentum now. Data scientists are employees that gather, analyze, and present conclusions based on huge amounts of data. All of that is necessary for multiple industries to endorse customer experience or make number-based strategic decisions. The annual salary is about $100,000 for such specialists.

The number of jobs in this field continues to grow. And this career has a great job satisfaction rating, according to Glassdoor. To start, one needs to get a BA in Data Science or Computer Science. Most experts continue education later (MA or Ph.D.). The position requires strong analytical and critical skills as well as knowledge of mathematics.

Cybersecurity and Data Security Specialists

Security is one of the top priorities for companies of almost any industry. Cyberattacks, data leakage, and security errors can lead to huge financial and reputational losses. The number of threats, malware, and attacks also grows every day.

It is not surprising that security analysts or engineers are essential now. The median salary for such employees is about $98,000 per year. Such professionals work on the first line of data protection. They help to implement the most advanced security measures and build network architecture with protection in mind.

To start this career one might need a BA in Computer Science, Programming, or a related specialty.

Web Developers

This one is not new, web developers have been in demand all this time. But the job growth rate continues to go up. After all, every business has to have a strong web presence nowadays. So, there is no shortage of projects for web developers whether they work individually or as part of a development company.

The average annual salary for web programmers is about $80,000. They use scripting languages and different frameworks to build custom websites or web applications. They are often responsible for the architecture of functionality as well as layout.

Web developers work with various scripting languages (JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc.), so one can choose their preferable tool. There are front end programmers that work on the front part of the software – the one user sees on their devices. Backend developers work on unseen things like servers and databases. And there are also full-stack developers who can do everything from front to back.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps professionals work as a bridge between the production and operations teams of a company. Their main concern is the automation and optimization of software development processes. They design and develop custom solutions and pipelines to make this process faster, less risky, and more efficient.

They earn about $110,000 per year for their specific set of skills. These employees usually have decent experience in development and have a lot of experience in working according to the Agile philosophy. This position is also quite friendly to remote work opportunities.

Cloud Engineers

About 90% of businesses use cloud solutions at some level. And the migration will continue as cloud platforms are flexible, cost-effective, and scalable. That’s why cloud engineers are in top demand right now. An AWS engineer has an annual salary of $130,000 in the US.

Cloud professionals usually specialize in one specific platform, like AWS, Azure, GCP, or Oracle. Each of them has its own languages and tools to learn. These professionals can work on the implementation of cloud solutions, help with migration or design, and develop native cloud software.

Mobile Application Programmers

Although the average salary for such specialists is lower than for the previously mentioned positions (about $74,000), it all depends on one’s expertise and project. And there are numerous projects to be part of. New mobile applications appear every day and it is hard to say which one will be the next hit.

One of the best parts of such a career is that one can be creative and apply their problem-solving skills. It is even possible to create one’s own app if the idea is good. One can get a BA in Computer Science or learn at a coding boot camp. Not every company asks for a degree.

Hardware Engineers

It is not only about software. Hardware is a crucial part of the IT industry many forget about when thinking about a career in tech. There is a huge demand for specialists that can design, repair, upgrade, or create hardware. The average annual salary is $114,000 in the US.

And there is no shortage of jobs for specialists that can build machinery. The area offers a range of options – from laptops to high-tech sensors for IoT appliances.

In Summary

These 8 sectors of the IT industry are growing at the highest rates right now. They offer competitive salaries, job security, and a decent amount of job offers. So, if you are considering a career in tech, one of them can be just for you.