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Why is it Worth Passing the Eidetic Memory Test?

Research shows that people with superior intelligence have well-developed memories. A person’s ability to memorize large amounts of information allows them to achieve great success in life: both at work and home. The eidetic memory test will let you know how advanced you are to remember the information you just saw.

What is Eidetic and Photographic memory?

Eidetic memory is a special form of short-term memory. Research shows that everyone has it but to varying degrees. People look at an object, close their eyes, and for some time can reproduce the appearance of an object to the smallest detail. The ability to reproduce a picture is developed differently for everyone: someone can do it longer, someone less, gets a more detailed picture.

If photographic memory lasts for several months (and if the information was of great importance, then several years), then Eidetic memory lasts only a few seconds.

Among the people who possessed an absolute photographic memory, the most famous are Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, and Teddy Roosevelt. This kind of memory is really rare and very difficult to prove. People can mentally reproduce a picture even if they saw it for a long time. In this case, the image will be as clear as in the photo.

Why is it worth developing Eidetic memory?

Many people associate Eidetic memory with confusion. Practice shows that people who have a good level of such memory are less likely to be unable to find objects that they just held in their hands, and they do not so often lose objects in their home or office.

It is easier for them to organize the workflow since they know exactly where the items are, quickly remember the statistics.

The Eidetic memory test will allow you to determine how developed this indicator is, how you can improve it and what is worth working on.

How can you improve?

Having a perfect eidetic and photographic memory is a dream of many people, as it can greatly simplify our life and help us get up at work. There are some tips on how to do this as quickly and easily as possible.

Improve your overall memory

Hyperthymesia is an exceptional ability to reproduce all events from life with documentary accuracy. There are very few people with this great memorization from birth, but with prolonged training, you can achieve very good results.

Many techniques can improve the overall state of memory, most of them involve training, such as:

  • Memorize cityscapes and information from pictures;
  • Study of poems by heart;
  • Finding differences between pictures and much more.

Such simple and exciting learning will allow you to correct the general state of memory in a short time.

Military method

There is evidence that the military is using this method to increase the memory level of their special agents.

Training in the military method lasts about a month, they should be daily (if you miss at least one day, then there will be no result). For this concept, you will need a dark room, a light source that can be easily turned on and off, a book, and a piece of paper.

Select a paragraph in the book and cut a hole in the paper to fit. Attach the sheet to the book so that you only see the selected paragraph. Turn off the light in the room and wait for your eyes to get used to the darkness, then turn on the light for a moment and look at the book, when you turn off the light, an imprint of text should remain in front of your eyes. Once it dissipates, repeat the procedure. Workouts take about half an hour.

Over time, you will begin to notice that the image of the text scatters many times longer than it was at the beginning.

After training is over, repeat the eidetic memory test and compare the results.