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8 Must Have Office Stationery Items List

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Depending on the nature of the task, each office has its unique set of stationery supplies. Printers, computers, telephones, and coffee makers are all typical in offices and are obvious to spot. One thing that business owners may overlook is the proper selection of workplace stationery. It’s because, in our day-to-day office tasks, we frequently underestimate the value of office stationery. You may miss the task submission deadline if you run out of printing papers or staples. As a result, in order to keep your workplace operating normally, you should always have a sufficient supply of office stationery at proximity. 

Importance of Office Stationery

Staplers, pencils, sheets, correctors, and sticky notes may appear to be ordinary office supplies, yet they are essential to the seamless operation of any company. A subtle and proper choice of stationery can cause:

  • Professional Appearance to Office

Even if no customers come to your workplace and you’re only working with your team, precise stationery might give the impression that you’re a professional. Sending client notifications on a nice piece of paper demonstrates the professional behavior of your company. It also improves your office staff’s morale.

  • Branding Business

Customized office stationery that is both functional and simple can also serve to advertise your company.  In addition to rebranding your business, this will also save you money you would normally spend on advertisements. 

  • Increase Office Productivity

Your office will run more smoothly and productively if you have the correct amount and type of office stationery.

We have brought the list of 8 most important office stationery items so that you never forget to get them and run your business smoothly.

1. Pens And Pencils

Despite the fact that most office communication is now digital, the importance of pens and pencils in offices cannot be overstated. Your company’s face can be represented via office pens. Only pens can be used to jot down points in a meeting or to create a beautiful signature. While annotating notes with pencils in hand, might save a lot of time.

2. Highlighters 

Highlighters in the office can help you to organize your to-do lists. You can print your email and highlight the vital task or send highlighted documents to your CEO, so that your essential points don’t go unnoticed. To make your documents smudge-proof, wait for a while after highlighting.

3. Notepads And Notebooks

User-friendly notebooks and notepads can bring a revolution in your office work. Every employee can instantly note down significant points or record their instant pop-up ideas or reminders on their notebooks. They can also sketch a map of new projects and add creativity to it before personalizing them on computers. Smaller notepads are more handy as workers can carry them anywhere.

4. Envelopes And Folders

Large-sized envelopes have multi-purposes in offices. You can deliver your contracts or simply send notifications or money while packing them in envelopes. They can be used for in or out-office purposes. Delivering an agreement to the client in a nice envelope can represent your office efficiency. Employees can also use envelopes to store their important documents.

Folders can save your important document from getting lost and always make your desk more organized.  Covering your letters in folders while handling them to clients can give your style a more sophisticated touch.

5. Staplers, Pins And Clips

Staplers are always the significant item when outfitting your office with the right supplies. Your crucial document is constantly at risk of being opened or lost if you use paper clips or binder clips.Therefore, staplers are crucial to ensure that your papers are fastened properly. Two or three papers can be bound together using paper clips or pins, but a vast stack of papers cannot constitute one file until it is securely fastened. Staples can be used for more than just securing documents; they can also be used for packaging, hammering, removing pins, or making a paperweight.

6. Glue Tapes

The most creative and functional workplace stationery is glue tapes. Compared to other duct tape or adhesive, they are more precise, less chaotic, and easier to use. It allows you to personalise labels and arrange your documents. Your papers are bound together using glue tape, and helps you to get rid of creasing papers. Glue tapes can also be used to alleviate the problem of not having any sticky notes. If you have blank papers, simply pull them together and cover them with glue tape. It will quickly transform into a sticky note which you can carry anywhere.

7. Scissors 

Office scissors can also be used for a number of things. You can use them to cut any type of paper, fabric, or other material, as well as to open parcels and envelopes. When dividing or cutting paper into a smaller size, using scissors ensure that your work is tidy. A pair of scissors on your desk can save you a lot of time and effort.

8. Stamps And Ink Pads

In your business stationery, stamps and ink pads are essential. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to help with various activities. Multiple stamps can be designed to execute a variety of activities. Signature stamps, return address stamps, initial stamps, date stamps, pocket stamps, financial stamps, and stock message stamps are the most common types of stamps. Because stamps are the best and cheapest form of promotion, they can leave a positive impression on your clients or consumers. As a result, never place yourself in a position where you will miss out on an opportunity to promote your business due to a dry ink pad.

Other Office Supplies

Some offices require additional supplies for their company. The most common and useful office supplies are 

  • To give presentations or explain a new project, use whiteboards and board markers. You may always choose appropriate whiteboard sizes based on the amount of space you have in your office. 
  • Calendars may also give a touch of class to your company, and inspirational messages on them can help to keep your employees encouraged.
  • Punching machines and office scales can also help you get things done faster.

Final Thoughts 

It’s a good idea to hunt for the correct office stationery for your workplace. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of basic and important office products. You can always conduct an office survey and ask your employees the items they require to work effectively.