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9 Best Marketing Tools for WhatsApp API

The WhatsApp Plus messaging app is the second most used worldwide after Facebook. It is one of the best apps to promote business or send a prospect to customers or clients. Hundreds of marketing tools can be used for WhatsApp API. Such a tool allows enterprises or businesses to share the details of products and services on a large scale. You can also integrate messaging into any iOS, Android, and Web app at in-app chat api. Here are the nine best marketing tools for WhatsApp API: 

Wapp Blaster

Wapp Blater is a widely used WhatsApp marketing tool. It allows the user to WhatsApp bulk message API to potential customers and clients. This tool also has several other features to enhance marketing. Such as an anti-blocking algorithm, a Multi-language option, provides multiple account handling features, and a straightforward process of uploading a database of customers and clients. 


It is designed for the complete automation of marketing campaigns. It offers lots of powerful tools that can convert visitors into leads. It targets the right customer according to their interest and provides the right products, which makes it one of the best marketing tools for WhatsApp bulk message API


This is another best tools for marketing for the WhatsApp API. It provides the user with the WhatsApp bulk message API feature to millions of users at once. This tool comes with many other features that can help the user grow their clients and customers. Such as a friendly interface, offering the security of data for customer and business data, a Number filter feature, the autopilot feature for the campaign, and a one-time payment feature for lifetime access. 

WhatsApp’s bulk Sender

The tools allow the user to send advanced WhatsApp bulk message API to a vast number of users just with one click. It also comes with many features, such as sending videos & images with promotional messages, adding WhatsApp numbers without limit, sending a reply to individual users, Client filtration, and notification when sending bulk messages. 

Viking WhatsApp Marketing Software

It is one tool that every WhatsApp marketing user needs. From WhatsApp bulk message API to handling marketing campaigns, this tool can pull off most of the tasks that most tools cannot do. With this tool, a user can also extract reports about contacts, messages, and users.


This tool is specially designed for small businesses. With this Allwebmart, a user can easily target almost 5000 clients and customers daily without hesitating for spam issues. It can allow the user to WhatsApp bulk message API. It is one of the finest tools for marketing for small enterprises. 


It is one of the trending WhatsApp marketing tools among users worldwide. With the anti-blocking features, a user can WhatsApp bulk message API. This tool is specially made for mid-sized businesses or enterprises. It also allows the user to export the report in CSV or text format, making this tool one of the perfect tools for marketing. 

WhatsApp Business API Sandbox

It is specially designed for large enterprises or businesses. Its auto chat feature automatically allows users to respond to customer and client queries in real-time. The tool’s interface is user-friendly and can perform complex tasks efficiently. For any tool-related questions, a user can contact the support team 24/7. 

Rapid Planner

It is one of the top choices for mid-size enterprises or businesses looking for a WhatsApp marketing tool to attract customers. The feature of WhatsApp bulk message API also ensures that social media campaigns are carried out perfectly. The contacts filter feature allows the user to create a broadcasting list for the customer.


To choose the best marketing tool for WhatsApp, it is necessary to understand the needs and demands of the business. These were the best in the industry that can offer users many features and enhance the chances to grow the business.