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Call Management Software Features to Look for in 2023

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Call Management Software has undoubtedly helped call centers improve performance and streamline workflow. Along with handling incoming and outgoing calls, this software also helps the agent to solve customer queries and increase the satisfaction rate of every call. 

With a new year ahead, many CMS features are expected to boom for 2023. These will aid call centers in improving their performance metrics and modernising their workflow. As a result, 2023 will be the year call centers drastically improve their capabilities. 

But what are the CMS features that can boom in the next year? Keep reading to find out. 

Call Management Software

Call Management Software is a system most call centers use to streamline and improve performance metrics. This system helps in different aspects, which include:

  1. Handling incoming and outgoing calls 
  2. Helping agents get data about customers
  3. Routing calls to the appropriate calling agent
  4. Analysing calls

So, CMS is an essential feature for every call center. But, like everything, this software is also improving by the day. So, head on to the next section to learn about the features to look for in 2023.

CMS Features for 2023

Call Management Software is a great tool to take your call center to the top of the ‘best performing’ ones. Now that you know what CMS is used for let’s look at some of the call management system features for 2023. Hint: These will make your contact center’s journey toward success easy.


Interactive Voice Response is a great feature that many call centers already offer. IVR refers to the automated voice recording played at the beginning of the call. It helps the customers to narrow down their issues so they can be directed to the appropriate calling agent. 

Additionally, IVR also helps call centers provide information or solve customer queries that are general and persistent. In 2023 you can go a step ahead to use IVR more efficiently. Contact centers can add more automated responses and use customer analytics to include more information that can be conveyed to the client without needing an agent. 


Automatic Call Distribution is another factor that can make or break a call center. ACD technology uses customer data and other information to route their call to the most appropriate agent. 

Once the customer selects the appropriate option in the IVR menu, their call is transferred using the automatic call distribution technology. 

Using this feature correctly can tremendously increase customer satisfaction and ensure that every client ends the call happily rather than being annoyed by the incorrect data provided by an untrained agent. 

Cloud Call Center

After COVID hit the world in 2020, every business and company wanted to make their work remote and promote work from home culture. It is an excellent way to recession-proof your business and ensures that it keeps running even if the world shuts down for a few days. 

A cloud call center is the right step for contact centers to promote remote working. 2023 can be when all the call centers finally shift to the cloud to help their employees work from remote locations and access data at all times. 

Call Analytics

Call analytics features to help the call center gather and save the analytics and report the data of every call. In addition, it can aid in improving the performance and efficiency of the agent by observing and learning from the call information of different clients. 

So, 2023 can be when call centers start reducing call abandonment rate, call transfer rate, and average queue time for clients to provide better solutions for their issues. 

Recording Calls

Even though many call centers can record every call, this feature is seldom used as it needs tons of storage and workforce to handle call recordings. But it doesn’t mean recording calls is useless, especially for call centers. 

In 2023, contact centers can work towards improving their recording features and streamlining the process. In addition, it will help the agents to learn about persistent customer issues, observe the queries that clients face, and also help train new agents to improve their performance. 

Hold Music

Lastly, the hold music feature can also be beneficial for 2023. Who likes waiting for the call center’s agent to pick up the call? Not us, for sure. 

But, if a contact center decides to play music while the call is in the queue can help with retaining the client and decreasing the churn rate. In this regard, selecting relatable music your customers might like is essential. 

Moreover, it will help call centers immensely because putting a few calls on hold is unavoidable in every situation. 


As time passes, the features of CMS are evolving and improving to aid the call centers’ work faster and easier. With these features, you can ensure that your business is strong enough to take the blow of competition and stay afloat.