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A Deeper Look into Gambling on the Dark Web

People all around the world are always fascinated with mystery. These kinds of things always spark up a lot of conversation as opinions in a bid to better understand certain hidden or unexplainable concepts. When it comes to technology and the internet, one of the most mysterious things is the dark web. Despite all of the efforts that have been put into explaining this concept, it remains to be one of the most discussed topics on the planet.

One of the reasons why the dark web is so fascinating is because it offers literally everything that you would imagine. However, as its name suggests, most of the things here will be illegal or typically unacceptable things such as black markets, stolen information, and items as well as illegal activities such as unregulated gambling.

Now, when speaking of unregulated gambling, we are not talking about the offshore iGaming sites such as those listed on which are regulated by reputable offshore bodies. Illicit gambling activities on the dark web will typically involve sites that are hidden away from the rest of the world and operator without any form of regulatory oversight.

Are They Real?

As expected, gambling on the dark web carries all the same risks that everything else on that particular space carries. The potential of gambling sites on the dark web turning out to be scams is pretty high and this is something that is not so hard to see. There are massive scams scatter all over the internet but the dark web takes things a notch higher.

Some of the scams that I have come across include Ponzi schemes where the dark web-based gambling sites use the deposits made by new users to payout older players. Some have players deposit funds but refuse to pay out any winnings. Another common scam involves the inclusion of fixed games that are impossible to win.

These alone should be enough to have you change your mind and walk away from the idea of risking your money in such a manner. However, knowing how curious we can be, lots of people will keep looking. There has to be at least one genuine gambling site on the dark web, right? Well, there certainly are a few.

The Genuine Gambling Sites on Dark Web and Why They Are Becoming More Popular

There are quite a number of gambling platforms on the dark web that deliver on what they say they offer – this is about as close as we will get to claiming that they are safe and trustworthy. In essence, these sites offer gamers the best chance of indulging in the activities with some assurance of getting value for what they are paying for.

As unsafe and potentially untrustworthy as they may be, these dark web sites continue to grow popular by the day. This can largely be attributed to strict regulations and laws that have been put in place to prevent any form of gambling. In such places, illegal gambling sites have been known to offer an alternative that so many people have ended up taking up to quench their thirst for some gambling action.

For many people using dark web gambling sites, the question of whether the risk is worth it is immediately thrown out the window simply because of the fact that these are often the only options they have left. Perhaps it can be considered to be just another gamble that they are willing to take. Moreover, these gambling sites have also been going the extra mile to ensure that their customers have some sense of security by integrating some enticing features with the most notable one being cryptocurrencies.

How Crypto Enables Gambling on the Dark Web

Anonymity is one of the most important things for anyone bold enough to go lurking around in the treacherous depths of the dark web. That said, the use of credit cards, e-wallets, or even banking details is totally out of the question. Not only is it extremely risky but it also leaves messy digital footprints behind. This is where digital currencies come in.

For a very long time, cryptocurrencies were associated with illegal activities primarily because they were are the predominantly used means of exchange on the dark web. While the overall perception has shifted quite a bit, digital tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are still widely used by people surfing and making payments on the dark web, and for good reason.

When it comes to the gambling sites found on the dark web, using Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other form of cryptocurrency is a no-brainer. Now, with the increased popularity and accessibility of these currencies, there has been an avalanche of online gambling activity on the dark web. This is simply because of all the features that crypto offers. Anonymity and speedy transaction processing are just the tip of the iceberg.

Should You Try It?

We are not going to beat about the bush with this one. The simple answer is no. All of the things that the gambling sites on the dark web promise you often come at a hefty cost which is more often than not extremely hard to bear. You are better off trying to find alternatives elsewhere and, thankfully, there are quite a number of these just waiting for you to try out.

For instance, if anonymity is really a big deal for you, several offshore online gambling sites accept cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash among others. You can even go a step further by utilizing any one of the readily available and very affordable VPN services to keep your digital footprints to a minimum. It is that easy!

All things considered, with so many workarounds to enjoying some online gambling action on the internet, dark web sites are not only very dangerous but also pointless. You have a much better chance of winning and enjoying the experience if you play on certified and regulated gaming sites.