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A Great Night in With the Casino Games We Know and Love – Especially When We’re Winning!

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There are many things that make for an enjoyable night in and if we are at home on our own, or with loved ones, we should never feel guilty about indulging ourselves – as long as it’s done in moderation of course.

While most of us love heading out for a visit to the cinema or a restaurant, the perfect night in for many is a takeaway pizza, a couple of hours catching up with the latest Netflix series, and a visit to our favorite online casino.

The online casinos have enjoyed a bumper time over recent years and here, Programming Insider, looks at some of the most popular games available to those who love a gamble.


It might not seem like the most exciting game but it’s simple to play and you know straightaway whether you’ve won or lost. With live dealers now operating in many online casinos, it’s a game that offers the feel of a trip to a real-life casino. While easy to play, blackjack is a whole lot harder to master, so always bet to your limits and if you’re losing don’t go chasing your losses, informed The Conversation.


When it comes to roulette, you’ll be racking your brains to remember when Aunt Betsy’s birthday is, or for those with poorer memories, your anniversary date. There will be a host of reasons why you choose particular numbers to bet on but it remains the stock game of the casino – both the real-life and online versions. If you’re from a large family and you’ve got a lot of favorite numbers remember the losses can soon mount up if you’re not careful, or lucky! Set yourself a limit for each roll and stick to it.

The Slots

Any montage of a Vegas casino in film or on TV normally includes the obligatory camera panning through the rows of slot machines with the occasional noise of a downfall of coins as a gambler lands on a winning reel. The slots are normally where your average American can make their dreams become reality and the online versions are the same, with hundreds of different options based around many popular sports and TV shows. Tales of multi-million dollar wins are rare but they do happen, with many slots offering progressive jackpots that allow you to win really big. The players can find the descriptions of the best slots in an online Coral Casino review and instructions on how to get money on a first deposit as a welcome bonus.


An interesting option for the online player because no previous knowledge of cards is needed to play baccarat, because the only decision you make is which hand to bet one – the banker, the player, or the tie. The winner is the hand with the score closest to nine with tens and picture cards counted as zero. Two cards are drawn and a third card is only drawn if neither hand totals eight or nine.

Video Poker

Here you play against the ‘machine’ rather than other poker players and it’s normally inspired by 5-card draw pokeryou place a bet and you’re dealt five cards before you’re given the chance to change some of the cards. The hand you end with is measured against the machine’s list of winning hands, paytable, and you’re paid at the odds the quality of your hand merits.