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A Guide on Placing Wise Wager Picks for Preakness Stakes 2020

One of the most awaited horse races in America, the Preakness Stakes 2020, will be in its 145th running come October 3, 2020. Established at Pilmico in 1873, Preakness is a Grade I race for 3-year-old thoroughbreds, which boasts fields that are the best of its kind and is one of the highlights for every rich and famous’ social schedule.

Many spectators and fans of this race are also handicappers who are anticipating to get the sweet win by having wise wager picks and knowing the Preakness Stakes 2020 betting odds. Check out how to boost your betting skills in this year’s third leg of the famous Triple Crown of American horse racing.

The Jockey and the Trainer

We often think that the horses are the ones who get all the win and glory in racing, but it is also an essential way of handicapping to consider the ones guiding your horse. A good jockey that mounts your horse knows how to get them in a winning position and steer a clear path in the field for a sure victory.

And it’s not just that. Smart bettors also become genuinely familiar with the top trainers. A horse that is trained and prepared by an outstanding trainer takes home the bacon. This combo can make all the difference in this kind of significant race.

Field Conditions

The makeup of the track isn’t known until after the Kentucky Derby, which dramatically influences the Preakness’s betting odds. There, you will see after running the race which horses love or hate the sloppiness, get a splash of mud on their face, and quickly get out and handle the slop.

Kentucky Derby’s winning horse, which is raced on the sloppy fields of Churchill Downs, will most likely be one of the favorites and guaranteed a place in the Preakness race. When the weather gets rough in the coming weeks before the Preakness Stakes, we will see which of our hot picks are getting through the finish line despite the mud hindering their run.

The Horse’s Previous Performance

Consider past performances in making quick picks. Examine how horses accomplished workouts and derby prep races. Don’t just plainly check whether they won or not. Include factors on how they won the race or what’s preventing them from coveting a win.

Bets on the Preakness Stakes

There are three popular bets you can place on the Preakness Stakes. These are the classic win, place, and show.

Win– This bet is the simplest of all, where you’ll win if your pick hits the post first.
Place– You’ll win if your pick finishes first or second.
Show– You’ll win if your pick completes anywhere in the first, second, or third spot.

Other Popular Bets to try in the Preakness Stakes are the following:

Exacta– Win if the first two horses you selected finishes the race in the correct sequence.
Trifecta– Win when you get your first, second, and third pick in the right order.
Superfecta– Win when you choose the first four horses in the correct order.

Other Horse Racing Bets

If you’re not into the betting games mentioned above, here are some you can try:

Lay Wager – When you lay a horse, you’re wagering AGAINST it. You’re successfully taking a bet from another person who’s backing the pony to win or spot. You can’t do this with conventional bookmakers or wagering destinations and only at a wagering trade.

Prop Bets– Aside from the popular bets, you may also find prop betting, also known as proposition betting, helpful in handicapping the Preakness Stakes. Prop wagers and specials are bets on things that aren’t legitimately identified with the result of a particular race.

You can wager on which racer will win the most races at a gathering, for instance, or which mentor will have the best season. Although these bets can be fun, we don’t suggest investing a ton of energy in them.

Match up– For this wager, a betting site will put up odds on two horses. You need to choose which horse will win against the other. If you pick the correct horse, you win, whether your choice wins the race or not. It should simply complete in front of the other horse in the matchup.

Odds and Wagering Strategy

Preakness Stakes betting strategies have some fascinating challenges. The horse who won the Kentucky Derby would instantly become a hot selection to win. However, that doesn’t mean that Kentucky Derby’s results should take over your wagering strategies for the Preakness Stakes.

A Brief History of the Triple Crown

Debuted in 1873, the Preakness Stakes took place two years before the first-ever Kentucky Derby and six years later than the debut of the Belmont Stakes. These races are the legs of the iconic Triple Crown of horse racing. Thirty-six horses have managed to win in the Preakness Stakes after successfully claiming the Kentucky Derby title, but only 13 horses haven’t missed the final win.

Previous 5 Winners of the Preakness Stakes
The latest five winners of the Preakness Stakes are as follows:

Year Winner
2019 War of Will
2018 Justify
2017 Cloud Computing
2016 Exaggerator
2015 American Pharaoh


Intelligent and wise wagering includes a few factors to consider. Previous winners and titleholders are not a guarantee of the winning odds for the next race. Instead, keep in mind essential strategies for betting and keep those excitement up for the upcoming Preakness Stakes and see whether your picks will win or not.