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A Platform That Can Help You Land The High Paying Tech Job Of Your Dream

With technology-related professions becoming mainstream around the world and the number of tech graduates leaving college every year growing by leaps and bounds, finding the jobs that satisfy both your curiosity for technology and the urge for high pay is getting difficult. At the same time, if you are a company which is looking for competent tech leaders from the industry to work for you, you’d have a tough time going through hundreds of applications to find the one or two who actually satisfy your criteria. Clearly, there are competent technology graduates and there are companies who are looking to hire them. What’s lacking is a system that brings them together. 

Job Referral 

Much of this problem could be solved by providing candidates better access to job referral. But anyone who has tried getting one in the past knows that job referrals to tech don’t come easy. 

A job referral is a good way to get started in the job market. If you know someone who works for a company that you’re interested in, you can request them for a referral or ask them to pass along your resume to the hiring manager. This can be a great way to get an interview and show potential employers that you’re willing to work hard and are a good fit for their team. Similarly, job referrals help many organizations which struggle to hire the right people for the job. A referral program, which connects candidates with current employees who can vouch for their qualifications, is of great use to such companies. It can be a great way to find new talent, especially if you’re having a hard time filling open positions. Job referral also helps by reducing your hiring cost since they don’t need to pay a talent acquisition company. 

However, for someone who does not have a circle in the industry and can’t manage to get referrals, there’s a problem – this system doesn’t work for them, even if they have the qualification and fit the bill perfectly, as they don’t get access. Democratization access to job referrals is the solution, and that’s exactly what a job referral platform like Refermarket is trying to achieve. 


The main aim of Refermarket is to provide candidates access to job referrals. Having access to the referrals from employees at the workplace they want to be part of gives them access to recruiters and makes setting up a recruitment call and interviews easier. Regardless of where they come from, individuals with a referral can get their door in the foot. It gives them the same opportunities which others from elite colleges and circles or those with better resources would have, significantly improving their chances of getting the job they want at their dream workplace. Refermarket does this by connecting those who are looking for a job at a particular company with those who are already working with that organization and are willing to refer them. This works as a solution because these employees have the right skills to work at the company and can be the best judge of the candidates and the skills they bring to the table. Drawing upon their experience at work and past referrals, they can skilfully judge whether a particular candidate deserves a referral or not.

With a referral in their hand and an individual to guide them, they are better off than before – the chances of landing an interview with the recruiting team of the company have improved significantly. With the transparency that is introduced to the process with the connection they’ve built with the employee who gave them a referral, they can now improve their candidacy and make their profile more attractive.

If you’ve been wondering how to get a FAANG job, this would have answered your questions. The platform works well for all sorts of jobs, be it the highest paying tech jobs in general or computer tech jobs in particular. If you manage to get job referrals for tech companies, you’ll most likely be able to schedule tech interviews with the recruiters. So, if you’re a candidate looking for a high paying tech job, Refermarket can significantly increase your chances of getting it. 

If candidates benefit from the platform, companies benefit too. 

First and foremost, companies save tons of money with Refermarket as they do not have to hire talent acquisition companies which find experienced and qualified individuals to hire. As a large number of candidates are present on the platform, it becomes easier to spot talent and hire them. Apart from saving the money spent on hiring a recruitment agency, companies also save time as they don’t have to wait for the candidates to reach them. They can begin the process at their end by advertising the vacancy on the platform and candidates will reach them. Moreover, companies can leverage their existing employees to spot talent and grant them referral to make it easier for them to find talented and experienced employees. Given that your existing employees come from the same educational and work background that the new ones would come from, they can easily identify the best candidates by checking their skills. 

Add to this the fact that hiring on a large platform like Refermarket will allow companies to select candidates from a large pool of applicants, giving them more diversity, which is better for a lot of reasons. A more diverse employee base brings a more varied experience and skill set to work, which is always good for a company.

Be it a candidate or a company looking to hire, everyone stands to benefit from being part of a platform like Refermarket.