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Is Bubble Soccer a Safe Choice for Your Kid’s Birthday?

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As you plan your kid’s birthday, you probably want it to be a fun and memorable event. You want your kid and the guests to be actively entertained. But you also want to be as safe as possible. One way of achieving that could be incorporating bubble soccer birthday party into the event.

Bubble soccer has become a raging sensation worldwide since its invention. It is an exciting game, whether playing it as a form of recreation or serious competition. But is it a safe game for kids, or is it something that could mar an event? This article will show five reasons why bubble soccer is a safe game for kids.

What is Bubble Soccer?

Bubble soccer is a recreational sport where two teams try to defeat each other by moving a ball through their opponents’ goals. It resembles traditional soccer but with a slight twist; the players are half-enclosed in an inflated bubble ball.

Another difference between bubble soccer and traditional soccer is that there are no goalies and the players are fewer. The bouncing nature of the plastic balls and semi-lack of control of players makes it a hilarious game.

Reasons Why Bubble Soccer is Safe For Kids

Many parents have hosted bubble soccer parties for their kids and had good results. Here are five reasons you can safely make it part of your kid’s birthday party.

It Is a Form of Fun Workout

Bubble games involve running about in inflated balls and knocking against opponents. The entire process requires energy, and you would want a steady supply of drinks to keep the children hydrated.

Fortunately, kids are naturally energetic and love the thrill of running about. You probably know how hard it is to get kids to sit still for an extended period. Bubble soccer complements the kid’s naturally restless nature and will increase the lively nature of your party.

It Enhances Teamwork

Bubble soccer is not a one-person sport. With the help of a good referee, you can split the kids into teams of five or six. The kids would have to cooperate to win, as winning alone is more of a challenge due to the balls restricting their movements.

Another advantage is that the kids can socialize easily with little or no pressure. Teamwork has a way of drawing kids closer to each other, and bubble soccer can help that happen. Bubble soccer is an excellent way of teaching kids the art of cooperation and forging new friendships.

Loads Of Fun

A bubble soccer game is a more light-hearted way of playing traditional soccer, and the very nature of the game makes it more inclined to silliness. One player once confessed that most times, it seems that the game’s aim was knocking the opponents’ balls.

And no wonder. Whenever a player knocks his opponent off, he is bound to bounce awkwardly and hilariously. There is less emphasis on winning and more on having fun, and the inflated balls make them safe from injuries when they fall.

Everyone Can Participate

There aren’t many activities that can accommodate both boys and girls. Many girls prefer not to engage in the rough physicality of many boys, but bubble soccer takes care of that. Physicality is of no use in bubble soccer.

Even the more athletic kids will find that they are just as clumsy as the next person, which adds to the game’s fun. No kid would want to watch his friends on the field and not want a taste of the fun.

Another thing that makes it a game for everyone is that bubble soccer doesn’t require special skills. An essential game requirement is the ability to run, and most kids can already do that.

Safe Playing Environment

Everything about bubble soccer aims at keeping your kids safe. The inflated balls cushion your kids from falls and knocks, and the rules of the game and the light-hearted nature prevent hard tackles that could lead to injuries.

You can even choose the field you wish to play bubble soccer. Although you can host bubble soccer outdoors and indoors, Many specialists consider indoor fields safer, so you have that option.

Precautions To Take When Hosting Bubble Soccer Parties

To ensure that bubble soccer remains safe for your kid’s parties, apply the following precautions:

  • Equip your kids with the right gear. 
  • Hire the best equipment from a reliable rental service.
  • Employ a good referee that would prevent the kids from getting out of control.


Bubble soccer can be a source of fun for your kids’ parties. It is also very safe and has many benefits, such as enhancing teamwork and encouraging group participation. Following a few precautions will keep it safe for everyone.