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AeroCinema Acquires Rights to Film Archive of the Change Vought Aircraft Company

AeroCinema to Launch in March with Over 400 Never Before Seen Aviation-Themed Content

Upcoming aviation Subscription Video on Demand channel AeroCinema, which is set to launch in March, has announced an agreement with the Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation. This will give AeroCinema access to hundreds of reels of archival film from the Vought Aircraft Company, one of the nation’s oldest aircraft manufacturers, originally established in 1917. During WWII, operating as Chance Vought, the company produced thousands of planes for the Navy including the famed F4U Corsair. Later, as a part of LTV, Vought built the F8 Crusader. It was known as the last of the “gun fighters” and was used in aerial combat over Vietnam.

Under the agreement AeroCinema will preserve, and transfer the aviation history film archives in their state of the art facility. Once restored, the film will become the foundation for new features on aviation history for the exclusive availability to AeroCinema subscribers. Copies of the transfers will be donated to the University of Texas, Dallas and the San Diego Aircraft Museum to further enhance and preserve the legacy of the Chance Vought Aircraft Company.

“With the addition of this significant and rare film archive, AeroCinema solidifies its position as the premier destination for aviation history buffs,” said Peter McKelvy, Senior Vice President, AeroCinema. “We are indebted to Lt Col. Everett Atkins Jr. (ret) and the entire team at the Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation for the trust they have placed in us.”

AeroCinema is expected to launch with over 400 never before seen aviation-related features, documentaries and profiles intended for the aviation enthusiast. Content will explore aviation from its inception to modern day telling the stories behind the airplanes, pilots, and airplane manufacturers that were instrumental in WWI and WWII, through the Cold War and Vietnam, to modern aviation of present day.