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All 4 Exotic Bows In Destiny 2 Ranked From Worst To Best

Bows are a weapon type that was initially introduced in Destiny 2’s Forsaken update, and they haven’t been seen in the game much since. We’ve seen a few here and there, but for the most part, it’s been new Hand Cannons for quite some time. While bows aren’t the most potent weapon type, I believe they have a place among the other weapon types, and with select Exotic Bows gaining powerful catalysts, I think it’s time for a Bow meta to emerge. Unfortunately, there are only four Exotic Bows in Destiny 2, but they’re all ranked from worst to greatest! 

1) Trinity Ghoul

Trinity Ghoul used to be a much less valuable weapon, but now it has an insanely powerful catalyst that triggers its perk “Lightning Rod” from any Arc damage final strike. The “Split Electron” Exotic perk on Trinity Ghoul describes the weapon as “Fires an arrow that splits when discharged.” The dispersion is reduced by aiming below sights and entirely pulling the bow.” “Precision kills award the next shot chain-lightning powers,” according to the perk Lightning Rod. Trinity Ghoul was a niche weapon at best and rarely utilized before the catalyst, but now that the trigger allows you to activate this chain-lightning on every Arc final blow, it’s an ad-clearing monster and by far the most acceptable Exotic Bow in Destiny 2

2) Ticchu’s Divination

Season of the Chosen’s Divination was a seasonal weapon available in the Season Pass. “Sacred Flame” is the Exotic perk for this Exotic Bow, and it explains that “Hip Firing this weapon launches numerous tracking bullets.” These missiles’ targets burst when they die or are impacted by another Sacred Flame’s explosion.” “Arrows fired when looking down sights cause Sacred Flames to detonate instantly,” according to the second Sacred Flame perk, “Causality Arrows.” The force of this detonation is increased by precision blows with well-drawn arrows.” Ticuu’s Divination is a weapon that will require a significant amount of work to perfect. However, once you’ve mastered it, it’s an incredible beast. In Crucible, you can one-tap most Guardians with a Sacred Flame explosion; thus, you’d only need to hip fire a single shot and then obtain one precision attack to kill another Guardian. This rifle has a lot of ad-clearing potential in PvE content, and when it was first released, we had Overload Bow, which made it even more helpful in the game. This Exotic Bow’s catalyst boosts the damage of flawlessly drawn Causality Arrows, making it more effective against bosses. Still, if you have another alternative, you should usually avoid utilizing a Bow for DPS.

3) Le Monarque

The Black Armory DLC introduces Le Monarque, which has an Exotic perk named “Poison Arrows.” “Arrows shot fast after a full draw become poison arrows,” says this Exotic perk. Poison arrows hit with pinpoint accuracy, spreading poison to neighboring foes.” This was – and still is – a mighty Bow that, when used correctly, can wipe out an entire enemy team in Trials of Osiris, explicit ads like no one’s business, and deal some decent tick damage over time to bosses. However, I would not recommend trying to DPS a boss with a Bow, no matter how good it is. In the right hands, Le Monarque has the potential to be one of the most lethal weapons in the game.

4) Wish-Ender

Wish-Ender is one of two Exotic Bows featured in Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion, and it was formerly one of the game’s most potent weapons. With its Exotic perk “Queen’s Wrath,” which states, “Enemies behind walls are highlighted while shooting down sights with a fully-drawn bow,” and the perk “Broadhead,” which states “Piercing arrowhead that harms the target on entry and exit.” Wish-Ender was an absolute unit in its peak, capable of over penetrating several targets with a single shot. “It allowed arrows fired from the weapon to do double damage, hit multiple targets with a single hand, and bypass specific enemy shields. It was also a monster in Crucible because it allowed you to see enemies through walls, giving you a massive advantage over other players. Unfortunately, Wish-Ender is no longer what it once was, thanks to some significant nerfs – or rather, patches – that addressed an issue in which Wish-Ender was doing three times the amount of damage it should have been. This update resulted in an almost immediate decline in weapon usage, and it’s now quite rare to see someone utilizing this weapon — it’s simply not worth the Exotic slot that Anarchy or Xenophage might use.

I’m hoping Bungie continues to enhance the status of Bows in Destiny 2 so that they become more valuable over time, and who knows, maybe we’ll see a few more Exotic Bows pop up here and there!


That’s all about the exotic bows. Each one of them has their own specialty. One might be more powerful than the other one but let’s hope to see more exotic and powerful weapons in the near future.