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Are Electric Leaf Blowers Better Than Your Old Gas Leaf Blower?

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Leaf blowers are handy tools for those who clean gardens or their surroundings during certain times of the year when trees lose many leaves, such as in the fall. Thanks to the diversity of options, it is possible to find electric blowers and gasoline blowers available for those who prefer them.

Each option has characteristics that qualify them as the best for many, but the truth is that is there is a distinction that makes to know which is more functional according to one’s interests. Here you will be able to know each of these characteristics and notice which the best leaf blower for your work.

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Are Electric Leaf Blowers Better Than Your Old Gas Leaf Blower?

Leaf blowers can find in different formats, and the ones that stand out the most are gasoline and electric. Knowing which the best is for you goes hand in hand with some factors associated with its characteristics, which you can learn about in detail here.

  • Electric leaf blowers

These blowers have a less effective operation than the gasoline ones, but they have a lower weight and an ergonomic design that helps to have more comfortable handling when using them. It also notes that they make less noise and do not smell of gasoline, which divides between:

  • Blowers that plug into the electrical network

They are not very common for use because they lose mobility and comfort. After all, using extensions is necessary and can be annoying in spaces with many trees.

  • Battery powered blowers

When the blowers have built-in batteries, they do not need continuous access to electrical current, which is ideal for small surfaces in areas where there is difficult access. They are the best for being very autonomous, light, comfortable, and less noisy.

It is a type of tool that can find with gasoline or electric operation, but choosing the right one depends on many factors associated with the needs and preferences of battery charging supplies.

In general, there are pros and cons of this type of blower, which are:

Pros of electric leaf blowers

  • Weight: they are lighter than gas blowers, the latter being twice as heavy as the average electric blower.
  • Noise: the silence of these blowers is attractive to many customers, especially if they have neighbors nearby who are used to the silence of the environment.
  • Mobility: Given the size and lightness, they can be easy to move, which opens up many uses for these blowers.
  • Environment: they are of great help for the sustainability of the environment since many gas blowers have two-stroke engines that require a mixture of oil and gasoline, which increases noise and pollution.

Accounts of electric leaf blowers

  • Limited working time: these motors need electricity, so there are limitations with rope blowers and battery blowers’ use time. Working time is a nuisance for those who use this type of tool.
  • Power: they are generally less potent than those powered by gasoline, so they are more functional for small gardens with few trees.
  • Reliability: although this type of blower is guaranteed, it may vary between some products and others, and it is rare that it extends to more than eight months.

Gasoline Leaf Blowers

These blowers are mainly characterized by being more powerful than electric blowers but are also the noisiest. They are ideal for cleaning large plots, farms, or lots with many leaves.

Among its types, the following stand out:

  • By hand.
  • Backpack.
  • Trolley, similar to the lawnmower.

They tend to weigh more because they work with large displacement two and 4-stroke engines to guarantee power. For this reason, many consider them to be the best available today.

Pros of Gas Leaf Blowers

  • Simplicity: many power by 2-stroke engines, while primitive, is simple. This translates to helping maintain long-term reliability, ease of use, and DIY repairs.
  • Power: Two-stroke engines are known for packing many punches in a medium package. The airflow provided by these models dramatically exceeds that of other types of power sources.
  • Backrest design: Although their weight is greater than that of electric blowers, large gas blowers usually have backpack straps attached, facilitating mobility.

Cons of Gas Leaf Blowers

  • Noise: Leaf blowers with two-stroke engines are noisy, which is why many consider this an unpleasant feature.
  • Environment: The most significant benefit of electric blowers is the weakness of gas blowers. Gas costs can be a problem and, without a doubt, with this type of blower, the problem is more significant.

Considering all these considerations, the appropriate choice is only associated with the preferences and needs, and the budget is an essential point. Therefore, the workload must measure before making a decision; If you need power and performance for hard work, gas blowers are the way to go.

However, an electric blower is best for those who want to use fewer fossil fuels and have small yards to clean.

Are electric leaf blowers quieter than gas-powered leaf blowers?

As stated before, one of the most outstanding electric blowers is that they do not have a noise emission associated with motors. That is why they will always turn out to be less noisy than gasoline ones, something that many users who live in some neighborhoods prefer for the comfort of everyone nearby.

What is the most reliable blower?

Although using leaf blower for snow is efficient for many, the truth is that there are not always good warranty times, and the general performance of its operation is not the most appropriate. However, for sound options, it is necessary to resort to extensions, and the batteries are not the most durable those that are not necessary.

Therefore, although they seem noisy or heavy, electric blowers are the ones that guarantee a more reliable utility and allow to give a high-power cleaning to any place where leaves are scattered. In addition, the environmental damage is not as extensive as that which a vehicle can cause, and the gasoline costs are not too high because the leaf blower is not used every day of the year.


Cleaning gardens or places near trees is essential, especially in seasons when trees lose more leaves, such as autumn. To facilitate this process of collecting leaves, it is best to have a leaf blower on hand to help group them in the same place so that they can gather later in the best way.

Both electric and gasoline blowers have good characteristics, but the truth is that gasoline blowers have better performance and general operation. For this reason, they are considered a good option in the broad market for these tools, not requiring too much money for maintenance and fuel filling to allow their use.

If you want to have a very efficient leaf blower, the most profitable for spaces of different sizes are those that have a motor and gasoline filling.