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Are the Results of a Hair Transplant Permanent?

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Hair transplants can seem like the answer to all of your problems. If you are experiencing hair thinning and pattern baldness, this treatment can be a way to restore thicker and fuller hair. It allows natural results, which can increase your confidence and ensure you love the way your hair looks again. Indeed, it can eliminate the baldness that most men do not want to have and the hair thinning that women fear.

There is one popular question when it comes to hair transplants. Are the results permanent? How long will they last? Of course, this type of treatment can be an investment. Plus, you want to know that the efforts will not be wasted after a few years. Here is a guide on the results of a hair transplant.

Hair Transplants are Permanent

Let’s answer the question straight away and not beat around the bush. Yes, the results from a hair transplant are considered permanent. The process involves taking a graft and relocating hair follicles to the area that is suffering from thinning or baldness. First, realize that this is your natural hair, and grafts are taken from where the follicles are plentiful. Then, they are used on a new area of the scalp where there is not much hair. Indeed, this is supposed to be a permanent treatment.

Most hair transplants can last you a lifetime. This is due to where you get the graft from. These are areas that are often not affected by hair loss. So, you are taking them and repositioning them. As long as you take care of your hair and health during your life, the transplant is a permanent and successful treatment you can enjoy. Indeed, both men and women can enjoy the results, having a huge confidence boost at any age.

Healthy Results Take Time

Many people want quick results when it comes to hair transplants. They wish to see healthy locks straight away since they are excited to see what this treatment is able to achieve. But, you have to remember that this is not how it works. Yes, you can achieve amazing results through a hair transplant. But, these results will take time. You have to be patient and ensure that you take care of yourself.

You will start to notice good hair growth after around six to nine months when you choose an experienced surgeon. You can see photos of the before and after hair transplant in Turkey from Dr Yaman’s clinic. His expertise and the technology he uses mean that you can enjoy results faster than some other treatment options out there. Note that in some cases, it can take up to a year to achieve the full natural appearance you are looking for.

The Recovery Time to Expect

There is some recovery time associated with a hair transplant. Indeed, in the first three to four months, you will be going through the healing process. You will have to be cautious about strenuous exercise and even the way you wash your hair in the first few weeks. So, know that in the first few months after the treatment, you will have to be conscious about your transplant to ensure the best results.

In particular, something you should know about is shock loss. This happens as a normal process of the body within the first month of having the surgery. During this time, your hair falls out. Indeed, this can scare people when they are not expecting it. They believe that the hair transplant has not worked for them. But it is something that the hair follicles do as protection. Some people go through this phase quickly, while others can take time to regrow their hair.

Things You Can Do to Help Your Hair Transplant

Of course, you want to achieve the best results from your hair transplant. This means that you can enjoy thicker and full hair for many years to come. Indeed, there are things you can do during the process to help with this goal. Let’s take a closer look.

Give Up Smoking

If you are a smoker, one thing you are going to want to do is to give this up. You are probably aware that it is a bad habit and not good for your health. But, you should also be aware that it is something that can affect the healing process. So, it is best to stop this habit before your surgery to achieve the best results and allow the scalp to heal properly.

Enjoy a Healthy Diet

Remember that there are certain nutrients that will help your hair grow. Your body is going to benefit from a healthy diet, and making some positive changes can encourage the transplant to go well. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are consuming fruits and vegetables, as well as other whole foods. For example, some helpful vitamins for the hair include vitamin C, iron, zinc and Vitamin B7. 

Follow Aftercare Advice

Every surgeon is going to give you instructions on what you should do after a hair transplant. This includes how much you should rest, when you can wash your hair and how much you are able to exercise within the first few months. It is important that you always follow the aftercare advice given to you. It is there to help you achieve the best results, and they are not just there as a guideline. If you want to gain success from a transplant, make sure you always follow them. If you are in any doubt, ask your surgeon for advice.

Lower Stress Levels

You want to make sure that you are taking care of your mental health during the healing process from a hair transplant. In particular, it will help to lower your stress levels and ensure you are getting enough sleep. So, ensure you are finding ways to relax even if you are busy at work or have other responsibilities. Stress is not good for your overall health and hair.